5 Stunning Tips That Make You Stand Out on SlideShare

As content marketing’s quiet giant, do you know how to maximize your views on SlideShare? Check out these numbers below. Why wouldn’t you want to get involved with the biggest presentation community? Below are 5 tips on how you can make creative, successful presentations for content marketing. 1) Storytelling Find a theme and flow for […]

Getting Too Personal on Facebook: Where Context Meets Creepy

I was intrigued when I happened to see Dan Sullivan’s post on Facebook. Dan is the Founder of Crowdly, a platform I call the anti-Facebook on Facebook. It’s premise is to encourage brands to identify and engage with its strongest advocates, without the need for advertising. I emailed Dan to understand the context of his post.  Here’s […]

Can Co-Creation and Relationship Marketing Improve Your Business?

Your customers want value. So let’ serve it up. One of the best ways to provide value for your customers is to understand and meet their needs. Effective relationship marketing will give you an understanding of their needs. The best way to meet those needs? Business legend Peter Drucker proposes that marketing is to know […]

6 Noteworthy Ways to Drive Shares for Your Content

I hit ‘share’ on my content but no one is clicking, why? What elements within a social media update should be optimized for maximum visibility? The key to getting your content shared is to make sure it’s shareable. If it’s optimized for everyone to share then your posts can spread like wildfire. Here are 6 ways […]

Brand Audit: Grow Your Business With A Strong Brand

You need to have a brand that is different. In today’s aggressive business world, your brand needs to stand out and for that you need to regularly do a brand audit. So what does a brand audit entail? It’s a process that involves a number of things which I will explain in this article. You […]

10 Vital Rules You Need As a Modern Marketer

Marketing has evolved and will continue to evolve at an ever-increasing rate from now till the end of capitalism and consumerism. Every new idea in business leads to a thousand new ideas in marketing. Innovation is products, process, technology, and media all end up causing relative innovations in the field of marketing — which is one […]

Latte vs LinkedIn: Why Paying For Your LinkedIn May Be Worth It

How many coffee or lunch meetings do you have per week for networking or sales related activities? Do you know how much you spend in a given month for those coffees or lunches? How much time do you devote to those activities? Are you part of trade associations or business networks that have membership fees? […]

3 Landing Pages Comparisons To Help You Convert

Ever since commercial websites came into being, maximizing revenue from the website has been the sole aim of marketers worldwide. The last two decades have seen many theories come and go; rise, evolve and evaporate. However, the one constant among all of this is the fact that irrespective of the route we take to achieve […]

Is There a Storm Brewing Between Gen X and Gen Y?

There’s a Storm Brewing Between Gen X and Gen Y If you watched our Millennial Think Tank Hangout last week, you heard members of Gen Y push back hard against the notion that they were ‘entitled,’ or in need of validation more than those that came before them. If you listened closely, you also heard that when […]

Want To Humanize Your Brand? Be Like Jennifer Lawrence.

Jennifer Lawrence – America’s newest sweetheart – was recently on the cover of MarieClaire magazine with a caption that read, “She drinks, curses & totally cracks us up! We love Jennifer Lawrence.” (I’m sure there are some naysayers who are bursting to tell me that they hate Jennifer Lawrence, or that she can’t act, or […]

Learn How To Generate Leads Exactly Like Lady Gaga

People either love or hate Lady Gaga . She is an intriguing, unique, and creative individual. She sports hairstyles, makeup, and outfits most people would maybe wear on Halloween? No, probably not even then. However, she also possesses a great amount of musical talent and a beautiful voice. Hardly anyone can deny that Ms. Gaga […]

How to Effectively Evaluate Your Mid-Year Content Marketing Checklist

Last night, we were honored to have Joe Pulizzi, founder of Content Marketing Institute, featured on our #AtomicChat. Based on one of his most recent articles, we wanted to learn more about mid-year content marketing checklists and resolutions. As we’re right in the middle of the year (can you believe we’re halfway done the year?!) […]

Your Business is Doomed if Marketing, PR, and Sales Are Siloed

In May of 2013 I read a post by my friend and PR expert, Jayme Soulati, entitled The Blending of PR with Marketing is its Death, and I disagreed with it on many levels. So much so that it spawned my post,  Silo-d PR is Business Suicide. It caused a lengthy discussion in the comment section. Because […]

5 Ways to Improve Your NPS Scores

Many of us have heard or used the Net Promoter Score (NPS) metric to measure the likelihood of a customer to recommend a product, brand, or company to a friend or colleague. First introduced by Fred Reichheld in a Harvard Business Review article in 2003, this customer loyalty metric yield results ranging from zero to […]

The Best Way To Get Your Content Marketing Groove Back

We’ve all seen it happen… You create a handful of great blog posts and see a surge in new visits and newsletter sign ups. The traffic is rolling in and you’re feeling great about the amount of success you’re seeing from your recent content marketing efforts. You sit back, watch the traffic roll in and […]

5 Of The Biggest Mistakes To Avoid In Your Content Marketing

There are lots of checklists and best practices around the best ways to implement your content marketing strategy and plan which are great and super useful.  Here’s a great one I always refer to:  Content Marketing Best Practices.  In addition, I believe having some reference points around avoiding the pitfalls is equally beneficial.  There are […]

Choosing A Social Strategy That’s Not Obvious To You

I’ve made a terrible mistake. I haven’t given enough fodder on SMM for the small guy’s social strategy. On a recent post, The 5 Cs Of Social Media, we received some constructive criticism in the comments that deserves some following up on. One of our readers told us: “As I read this blog/article I do […]

Helping You Write Great Content for Real People

What’s your assignment today? I’m sure you’ve got a great angle, an awesome story to tell, and the only thing you are in a rut about is how to make it worthwhile for your audience. It’s a tough task these days, as you clamour to do your job, forces are conspiring against you. I’ve been […]