3 Redesign Tips For Your Business Website

When I started my job four years ago my job description included migrating our website into a new content management system including a full site redesign. This past spring, that finally happened. As a planner, I outlined the entire process, got the necessary parties on board, and planned for a full site redesign including a […]

The Pundits Have It All Wrong: Millennials Are Generation Savvy

We’ve been running our Millennial Think Tank over at ArCompany for about 3 months now, and we’ve learned a lot. The genesis for #MTT was to get underneath the myths and sweeping generalizations that you’ve heard me rant about on here previously; I don’t think any of us expected it to provide the type of insights […]

Stop Marketing Without An Integrated Marketing Communication Plan

Q: What do your customers want? A: Customers want an integrated seamless customer experience. It might seem like a simple task, but the majority of organizations are either unable or ill equipped to answer the demands of their customers. This is a problem. In a June 2014 article appearing on Forbes.com, Steve Olenski stated, “65% […]

The 4 Building Blocks For Your Inbound Marketing Campaign

If you’re in the marketing space, there’s not a doubt in my mind that you’ve heard the term “inbound marketing” or “inbound marketing campaign.” However, often times when I’m talking to clients, these words are merely jargon leading to glazed looks and a cocking of the head. So while YOU may know the ins and […]

Stop Being Lazy: Take The Time To REALLY Distribute Your Content

The success of your content hinges on more than the time and effort put into creating it. Marketers too often focus all of their attention to content development, and not enough time on distribution. The leaked New York Times innovation report spent two entire chapters talking about the importance of opening new distribution channels. Janine […]

How To Target Your Social Media Ads Effectively

One of the amazing perks to social advertising is being able to target the exact person or group you want to reach. To get the most bang for your buck and to be successful with your social advertising, you have to target a specific audience. Businesses are often clueless about this part of the social […]

How To Be Successful With Content Marketing Through Your Search Engine Strategy

Find a publicly advertised brand you identify with, from a healthy perspective, and follow their brand online. What do you see? Consistent values? Positive, helpful and resourceful communication? Ways to get in touch with them? If you answer, “yes” to these questions, then that brand shows positive signs of effective content marketing through search engine […]

How To Gain Consumer Insights That Boost Your Marketing Results

The drive to gain consumer insights cannot be an occasional endeavor. A company wishing to establish a brand or sell a product cannot simply conduct a focus group or survey, and say it now has everything it needs to know about consumers. It must take some very concrete steps to get a firm grasp of […]

FAQs: Without Them, Your Business Is Doomed

Any number of things might thrill you about your business. Maybe it’s your unique solution to a problem, or perhaps it’s your genuine interest in helping your customers. But how many phone calls a day do you get asking you about those core ambitions? If your business is anything like mine, your phone lines and […]

The Truth About Social Selling: Why Old-School Selling Is Still Critical

There is a cottage industry of social selling authorities, experts, and gurus proclaiming that the old ways of selling are dead. This social media mafia insists that cold calling is dead and that only social media works to create new opportunities. They tell salespeople, business owners, and entrepreneurs that the deals they need can only […]

4 Powerful Conversion Rate Influencers

Conversion rates are lifeblood statistics for webmasters. If Kyle Rush taught us anything about optimization at the Obama campaign, it’s to test everything like mad scientists. Whether you are trying to promote readership, sell a product or drive traffic to a particular page, you want to increase the rate at which this behavior occurs. In […]

You Need to Create Awesome Content for Real People

Content marketing is not just about telling a great story, but rather, the marriage between a great story and its value and relevance to the audience that we serve. As marketers, it is within our mandate to establish ourselves and by extension our brand as thought leaders, with an intent to create a stronger connection

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5 Secrets Your Business Can Learn From Theme Parks

Every business wants to stand out in today’s competitive market, but how can a business accomplish this with low budgets and small teams? While some pundits believe that exceptional customer service is the wave of the future, and social media has become a significant part of most marketing initiatives and may replace traditional marketing, there […]

Marketers, Should You Completely Write Off Millennials?

Some days I hate Marketers. Some days I hate them more. Today is one of those days. I work for a ‘marketing company’ of sorts; some of my ‘best friends’ are marketers. But I understand why so many people hate us… hell, as I told you,  I hate us. If you are even slightly familiar […]

Social Selling Will Not Make You Taller, Thinner, or Better Looking

Social selling is on the rise, but questions still prevail about what it is and how it works. Some of these questions might include: Is it helpful or harmful? Is it going to help me meet or exceed quota? Is it part of the sales process or an entirely new process? Is it hype or […]

The Best B2B Marketing Leads Aren’t Always for Sale

Many B2B organizations face a common challenge: their sales and marketing teams fail to jive. One major area of disdain between the two groups stems from their disagreement about who the “perfect” B2B marketing leads are. Sales blames marketing for providing them with “lousy” leads lists, while marketing blames sales for not providing them with […]

Creating More Than “Pretty” Graphics For Your IMC Campaign

One of the biggest lessons I learned as a new professional was that even though my department was the graphics and marketing department, not everyone felt they wanted to use us. Many departments wanted to do their graphics projects in-house and didn’t understand the benefit working collaboratively. I work in higher education, but many of […]

3 Reasons Why “Above the Fold” Isn’t Ideal for Online Content

There are two basic types of newspaper format: tabloid and broadsheet. Audiences want tabloids that are full of easy-to-read sensationalistic headlines about celebrity gossip and outrageous stories about “bat boys“. Broadsheet newspapers are a little more serious. Meant to be seen from newspaper vending machines, shop windows and children in hats yelling “Extra! Extra!” on […]

10 Top-Notch Approaches to Demand Generation & Brand Awareness

Ask any business owner what their biggest and most fundamental challenge is. Is it managing your people? Could be. Is it offering top notch customer service? Very important too. But before being a technology wizard or a financial management champ, … Continue reading

5 Tips to Not Be Like U2 With Your Marketing

Whether you’re first in line to buy the iPhone 6, or you’re still using a dumb phone, the future is here. And U2 didn’t get the memo. By the end of this post, you’ll learn how to not be like U2 with your marketing. You’ll also understand the importance of modern marketing with these concepts: […]