8 Tools to Grow Your eCommerce Marketing Efforts

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Are you converting your eCommerce visitors into paying customers? Traffic to eCommerce website is flowing freely but converting them to paying customers is easier said than done. It takes a perfect combination of digital marketing, site optimization and sales promotions to generate revenue although the growth opportunities for eCommerce sites are immense. A Forrester report … [Read more...]

How To Write About Pages People Will Love

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Poor About page. It’s the page most people dread writing. How do we get it right? Yet, just about every site has one...and many are underwhelming. It's neglected, avoided or underemphasized. But the true tragedy is what? The missed opportunity to empathize with your visitors and encourage them to stick around. How often do you read an About page? Probably every … [Read more...]

Social Customer Service: The New 1-800 Number


My company, Volterra, provides outsourced social media management for a variety of clients in disparate industries. Some handle their own customer service and defer to Volterra for everything else while others want us to handle customer service too. We can accommodate either situation. In this article, you will learn that: Customers now expect to be served in social … [Read more...]

Google Search in 2014: What Changed And How


Google comes out with algorithmic updates every year. Some of them are minor in nature and pass largely unnoticed by the SEO community at large; but there are other major updates that have a significant impact on search engine rankings. E2M has been coming up with an annual infographic recapping the major updates released by Google over the course of the year; you can check … [Read more...]