16 Ways To Crowdsource Your Way To Success

Crowdsourcing, or soliciting ideas from communities, audiences, or large groups of people, is the boat I feel many marketers are on the dock watching pass by. In a world where the noise is deafening, it’s becoming more and more valuable — and strategic — to throw on your sailor suit and set sail on calmer […]

Building Your Advertising Plan

A marketing team must work together with the entire organization to help build their brand. To build their brand, many goals and key performance indicators (KPIs) must be met. Keeping an organization’s goals and KPIs in line with each other are critical to building a successful advertising campaign. Unfortunately, many organizations are working on their […]

4 Key PPC Elements Businesses Need to Revisit

PPC is a great way of getting your site viable leads. A State of Paid Search Report – Q4 2013 says search spend in the fourth quarter of 2013 was 37.4% more than the previous year. Another study says 72% of marketers plan to increase their PPC spend in 2014. These figures illustrate the fact […]

Weighing Paid Media Risks With BP And The Weather Channel

The difference between paid and owned media is simple. For the former, you buy premium space to position a controlled message; for the latter, you own the space, like a blog, to craft your message. Corporations (often publicly traded) have a lot of money to buy full-page advertisements in national print dailies like the Wall […]

What Is Native Advertising?

The confusion is rampant and getting more so over the discernment of objective journalism versus sponsored content versus marketing messages woven into real platforms previously relegated to protected turf from ad dollars. Confused about that first sentence? Let me help you dissect it with this lawyerly approach to the facts: Journalists used to write content […]

Everything you need to know about #Twitter Advertising

After Twitter finally went public at the beginning on November, the next step for them was to find new ways of getting revenue. So for the first time ever, Twitter recently announced that it will allow small and medium sized enterprises from the UK, Ireland and Canada to buy ad space on the popular micro-blogging […]

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Cracking Christmas Campaigns

Description: Christmas is a time for joy, laughter and lots of festive adverts. We take a look at what goes into a top brand strategy and why the British public love it. Christmas is the biggest marketing campaign there has ever been. It is both a tradition and its own brand created by the people […]

What Truly Differentiates The Most Loved Brands From The Rest

Love is a four letter word that keeps a lot of pre-teens up at night. It’s a four letter word that is filled with emotion, power and vulnerability. Love opens…

Why Your Market Needs To Understand Your Value Proposition

What’s in it for me? That’s what you are thinking right now. Is there value in reading this whole blog post? More importantly, that is what your clients and prospects are thinking the whole time that they are considering doing business with you. More often than not your customers will be prepared to pay top […]

9 Naughty & Nasty Newsletter No-Nos

I don’t know about you, but I sign up for LOTS of newsletters. I also find myself unsubscribing from LOTS of newsletters based on failed value, or a rag-tag look, or sloppy spelling and grammar. In my own quest to improve the B2 Social Swag [sign up here, if interested], I thought it might help [...]

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