The 3 Major Content Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Take a look at these three dreadful, yet common, content marking mistakes you need to avoid.

3 Customer Experience Lessons From The Easter Bunny

The Easter Bunny has customers just like the rest of us. Only for his customers it’s all about the experience. Brands can learn a lot from this approach. According to a report from Oracle, 86% of consumers will pay more for a better customer experience. So with Easter just around the corner here are 3 things […]

16 Ways To Crowdsource Your Way To Success

Crowdsourcing, or soliciting ideas from communities, audiences, or large groups of people, is the boat I feel many marketers are on the dock watching pass by. In a world where the noise is deafening, it’s becoming more and more valuable — and strategic — to throw on your sailor suit and set sail on calmer […]

3 Reasons Brand Journalists Rule Content Marketing

Your content marketing will only be successful if the content you are creating and sharing is relevant, creative and bang on with your branding. Why? Consumers are busy – they want to be informed, entertained and engaged. And they don’t want all of that to take up too much time. To succeed, content marketing needs […]

Six Ways to Cut to the Core of Your Brand

When you cut to the core of your brand, you become more human. You rise to the next level of social media – the place where serendipity, exploration, and expansion collide. You start getting real. This next level of awareness moves away from merely “showing off” your life and your business. And it evolves towards […]

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Personal Branding is Business Branding: An A to Z Guide

The past few years have been a whirlwind as far as personal branding is concerned. Just a decade ago, brands were very specific about the division of corporate and personal personas. Never should there be cross-pollination of the two. And God forbid you had an opinion and an off-kilter personality. The new connection-based economy has […]

Tesla Is A Brand With Grit And A Clearly Defined Why

“Start With Why” might seem like an obvious statement, but this phrase carries with it the weight and power to solve just about any business problem. Thanks to Simon Sinek, author and champion of “Start With Why,” brands now have a baseline to define the “why” behind their brand. Truly “why” focused brands innovate and […]

Marketing For Small Businesses: There Is Strength In Numbers

Marketing is often described as tough and challenging by small business owners. Small businesses are tasked with building and selling their business’ image to potential clients and are often doing it alone or with an extremely small team.  While knowing the logical benefits, small businesses fail to take advantage of strength in numbers. There is […]

Why We Love Business Purpose (And You Should Too!)

What is the real purpose of your business? I don’t mean what does your business do, I mean why do you do it? We all love to understand the purpose of a business. It’s actually much more important to us than products and services. Do you want to know why we love business purpose and […]

Building Your Advertising Plan

A marketing team must work together with the entire organization to help build their brand. To build their brand, many goals and key performance indicators (KPIs) must be met. Keeping an organization’s goals and KPIs in line with each other are critical to building a successful advertising campaign. Unfortunately, many organizations are working on their […]