4 New Social Media Ads You Should Try In 2015

According to ZenithOptimedia, the Internet is the fastest growing medium in advertising with 16.9% growth in 2014 and a forecast of 15% growth for the next two years. Ten years ago, only 4% of budgets were given to digital (social media/internet) advertising. As social media advertising grows, there will always be new options available and […]

Five Branding Tips Thanks to Reality TV

Previously here on SteamFeed, I presented five branding secrets every business can apply from a popular segment of the American leisure and entertainment industry, theme parks. After more thought about unique places to gain insight to stand apart from the competition, I now present five tips every business can learn about branding from reality TV. […]

How Brand Influencers And Brand Ambassadors Are Different

While on a recent Twitter Chat, someone said brand influencers and brand ambassadors were the same thing. But they’re not. There’s actually a crucial difference between the two, and it involves MONEY. And if your company or brand is looking at using in any sort of influencer marketing programs, you’ll need to know the difference. […]

4 Great Ways to Make Your Brand the Best Online

Back before the Internet was a basic household necessity, it was not only expensive and difficult to build a brand but also to gain more than just local exposure. In this day and age though, creating an online identity is vital and necessary for your business. By establishing your company online, you can introduce your […]

10 Ways to Transform Employees Into Your Best Brand Advocates

In today’s economy, many businesses wonder how they can stand out from their competition. Sure, low prices are an option. New product launches are another. And celebrity spokespeople are still another. But there is an easy way to harness an army of supporters that can take advantage of the social ecosystem, and that consists of […]

Brand Audit: Grow Your Business With A Strong Brand

You need to have a brand that is different. In today’s aggressive business world, your brand needs to stand out and for that you need to regularly do a brand audit. So what does a brand audit entail? It’s a process that involves a number of things which I will explain in this article. You […]

Want To Humanize Your Brand? Be Like Jennifer Lawrence.

Jennifer Lawrence – America’s newest sweetheart – was recently on the cover of MarieClaire magazine with a caption that read, “She drinks, curses & totally cracks us up! We love Jennifer Lawrence.” (I’m sure there are some naysayers who are bursting to tell me that they hate Jennifer Lawrence, or that she can’t act, or […]

Learn How To Generate Leads Exactly Like Lady Gaga

People either love or hate Lady Gaga . She is an intriguing, unique, and creative individual. She sports hairstyles, makeup, and outfits most people would maybe wear on Halloween? No, probably not even then. However, she also possesses a great amount of musical talent and a beautiful voice. Hardly anyone can deny that Ms. Gaga […]

5 Ways to Improve Your NPS Scores

Many of us have heard or used the Net Promoter Score (NPS) metric to measure the likelihood of a customer to recommend a product, brand, or company to a friend or colleague. First introduced by Fred Reichheld in a Harvard Business Review article in 2003, this customer loyalty metric yield results ranging from zero to […]

8 Ways to Generate Blog Content Ideas

Whoever said coming up with blog content ideas is easy must be new to the job. Generating smashing hit subjects on a daily or weekly basis is a challenging proposition, and there’s no one right way to go about doing it. However, there are a few hidden secrets that we regularly employ here at Rocket […]

How to Increase Advocacy and Forget about Awareness

A successful digital or content marketing strategy should, among other things, focus on brand advocacy. Brand advocacy leads to trust and consumer action while simple brand awareness can drift out of consumer consciousness by the time they’ve left your website. Are you a fan of influencer marketing,  content marketing,  blogger outreach,  or social media marketing? […]

Fortifying Your Startup’s Online Reputation

Hindus and Buddhists the world over believe in a very fundamental principle that guides all their actions in life – Karma. What goes around comes around. Every action evokes an equivalent reaction from the Universe. The Cosmic Balance is maintained when people are rewarded for their good deeds and punished for the not-so-good ones. This […]

Branding Mistakes Are Avoidable, Unlike Death and Taxes

Right around April 15th of each year, I often remember Benjamin Franklin’s famous quote: “Nothing is certain but death and taxes.” Indeed. You can apply Franklin’s quote to owning and/or running a small business, especially in regards to the certainty of taxes. Most organizations hope to avoid the “death” part as long as possible, even […]

Coffee Shops and Creating Brand Communities

Behind every successful brand is a fiercely loyal community. It doesn’t matter the size of your organization. Big Shoulders Coffee, founded by Tim Coonan, is a perfect example of how successful you can become by focusing on your community. I needed a sign language interpreter for CoffeeCon, and when Coonan heard of this, he offered […]

How to Bootstrap Your Brand Name in 5 Steps

Over the years, I’ve met too many entrepreneurs who spent unnecessary cash on crappy company and product names. They hired ‘branding gurus’ who didn’t understand their target market, the tech industry, the company vibe — or worse, they really didn’t care. There’s no excuse for a half-ass brand, no reason to settle for something that […]

Show Me Your Human Side (In Business)

You hear people and marketers talking about it … the “human side” of business … humanizing your business … it’s not B2B or B2C, it’s H2H (human to human). But what exactly does it mean to be human in business? How does a business become human? The Human (Business) Face Think about the makeup of […]

The 3 Major Content Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Take a look at these three dreadful, yet common, content marking mistakes you need to avoid.