How to Get Back on Track after Getting a Manual Penalty

Links are still SEO’s backbone, despite the fact they can be bought, exchanged, ‘earned’ in return for content and many other techniques that seek to influence search results. Google have had a gripe against falsely-earned links for a long time, but in the last few weeks they’ve really begun cracking the whip on illegitimate backlink […]

5 Characteristics of a #Successful Hashtag Campaign

Though you may not know it, hashtags actually originated from programming code back in the 70s to denote a phrase or keyword that needed to be processed first. Nowadays, hashtags have taken on an entirely new meaning. Whether it is to promote an event, campaign or your company in general, hashtags have become the go-to […]

12 Quick And Easy Ways To Repurpose & Repackage Your Know-How

In business and life seasons change and your brand usually will evolve. Sometimes that means you changing the types of products or services you offer, other times it might be starting an entirely new business. As changes happen, the content we have worked so hard to produce can easily fall by the way side if […]

What Will You Do When We Reach “Peak Content?”

Twenty-three. That’s the number of blog posts that got published in the past second. And this one. Two-million a day. And those statistics come from 2012. How much time do people have to consume content in a day? According to research at the San Diego Supercomputer Center, by 2015, the average person will consume 15.5 […]

What’s The Secret To Quality Content? 5 Factors To Consider

There’s a lot of discussion about what is quality content. Everyone has a different definition of it. The truth is probably somewhere in the middle of all the different opinions on this topic. This post is intended to spark discussion on the topic of quality content. Keep this in mind while reading, as I want to […]

16 Ways To Crowdsource Your Way To Success

Crowdsourcing, or soliciting ideas from communities, audiences, or large groups of people, is the boat I feel many marketers are on the dock watching pass by. In a world where the noise is deafening, it’s becoming more and more valuable — and strategic — to throw on your sailor suit and set sail on calmer […]

The Best Way to Get Content Buy-In

With all that’s been written about the successes generated from content marketing, you would think that it would be an easy task to get buy-in for it.  Unfortunately, in my day-to-day dealings with a wide variety of clients, I am constantly reminded that it still remains a difficult challenge for marketers to get authentic and […]

How To Tell A Story With Your Content

Story telling is a marketing strategy that has been around for decades in television commercials and advertisements on billboards, etc., but telling a story through content is new to many marketers. With many marketers now putting their focus on content marketing due to the rise of the Internet and the fact that the consumer holds the power […]

The Ultimate B2B Marketing Guide To Drive Real Results

B2B isn’t sexy and B2B doesn’t get a lot of love from marketers. People spend hours and hours gushing over the latest superbowl ad and social media campaign from various body washes and automotive brands. It’s rare that we find people spending time analyzing successful b2b marketing initiatives and the reason is because a lot […]

What Makes Your Content Credible?

I was thinking about content, as I often am, the other day during Social Media Week here in New York City (you can read about my experience at SMWNYC here). We were listening and reading information from trusted sources like the New York Times, Google, LinkedIn, and Facebook. We trust these brands based on what? Their […]