Social Customer Service: The New 1-800 Number


My company, Volterra, provides outsourced social media management for a variety of clients in disparate industries. Some handle their own customer service and defer to Volterra for everything else while others want us to handle customer service too. We can accommodate either situation. In this article, you will learn that: Customers now expect to be served in social … [Read more...]

5 Digital Marketing Trends for Smarter Customer Acquisition in 2015


It’s nearly 2015, which means it’s time to reflect on past successes and speculate about what the new year will bring. The digital landscape is constantly evolving, and to stay ahead of the competition, brands are continuously looking to connect with, engage, and convert customers in new ways. Many of these innovations have already made an impact on the digital marketing … [Read more...]

Will Big Data Resolve Questions of Measurement in Social Research?


The big five personality traits are some of the most well researched concepts in the field of psychology. It is a framework used to understand human personality along five factors; openness, conscientious, extraversion, agreeableness, and neuroticism. Each factor has its own spectrum and an individual may rank anywhere between the points of the two extremes. An individual’s … [Read more...]

How To Improve Customer Experience For Your Business


Last year I wrote about one of Australia's best new brands and how customer experience extends far beyond customer service. Although Customer service is of paramount importance, it is still only one aspect of the overall customer experience. Feelings play a critical role in the way customers are influenced and this week I enjoyed a customer experience that pleased me so much I … [Read more...]

Is Yelp Consumer Or Business Driven? What You Should Know


If you’re a small business owner, you may already understand the importance of Yelp. Yelp allows people to search for and rate local businesses – from restaurants to doctors - and nearly every other business in between. If you haven’t signed your business up on the site, it’s a great idea, especially if you want to grow your local presence and reputation Just like with any … [Read more...]