3 Redesign Tips For Your Business Website

When I started my job four years ago my job description included migrating our website into a new content management system including a full site redesign. This past spring, that finally happened. As a planner, I outlined the entire process, got the necessary parties on board, and planned for a full site redesign including a […]

Creating More Than “Pretty” Graphics For Your IMC Campaign

One of the biggest lessons I learned as a new professional was that even though my department was the graphics and marketing department, not everyone felt they wanted to use us. Many departments wanted to do their graphics projects in-house and didn’t understand the benefit working collaboratively. I work in higher education, but many of […]

3 Landing Pages Comparisons To Help You Convert

Ever since commercial websites came into being, maximizing revenue from the website has been the sole aim of marketers worldwide. The last two decades have seen many theories come and go; rise, evolve and evaporate. However, the one constant among all of this is the fact that irrespective of the route we take to achieve […]

Practice Design Thinking by Marketing with Empathy

The design field continues to operate in a state of flux. When the industry shifted from the printed page to the digital screen, designers had to adapt and grow both their technical skills and problem solving abilities to keep pace with the demands of the marketplace. As roles and responsibilities shifted, Print designers morphed into […]

Design and CSR based Initiatives by Big Brands

Every company would like to be like Apple. Not just because those giant revenues and profit margins would satisfy any shareholder but because the company has produced the right results in the right way: by using design to charge a premium for beautiful products. That focus on design has led to an entirely new way […]

How to Optimize Your Twitter Page Based on the New Design

Twitter’s new look is finally rolling out to everyone. Don’t you think it looks a lot like Facebook? Do you like it? It’s cleaner, and we like the fact that the filtering options are all together, right under the humungous new header image. And we like that even though Twitter’s look has changed, the way it works hasn’t […]

5 Web Design Elements Influencing Conversion Rate

We have a product. It’s a great product – it’s shiny, cost-effective, and gives people benefits. We even have a beautiful picture on a dedicated landing page for this product, showcasing the most important features. However, our conversion rate is stagnant. It seems like we have the perfect environment to catalyze leads but nothing is […]

Canva: Weak Graphic Design Skills is No Longer Your Problem

Gosh, you guys. I have finally found an amazing, new #techsexy (yes this is Anne speak) app to review and share with you. I say begone design headaches, thanks to Canva. Great design is now a feasible goal, regardless of your skill level. Canva eliminates any stress or fidgeting we get when we try to come up with […]

Is Your Business Website Sleeping on the Job?

One of the greatest things about modern business website design and online marketing is that a well-built website can do the work of many different employees, or at least make their jobs easier and their work more efficient. But, in order to enjoy those benefits, your website has to handle all the tasks it has […]

Staying Ahead of the Game: Web Design Innovations of 2013

Your company’s website acts as a virtual storefront for your business. As with physical storefronts, your website should be located in cyberspace in a way that guarantees high traffic from your desired audience, just as your actual storefront should be located on the busiest corner of the neighborhood to increase traffic. In virtual terms, this […]

How Responsive Design Adds Value to Your Social Media Marketing

In a span of just a few years, responsive web design (RWD) has transformed from a buzzword into a necessity. How has it become such a top priority for developers and marketers alike? Answer: The dramatic increase in the use of mobile devices. As the digital media consumption habits of your target market evolve it [...]

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What Your Design Says About You

Because we live in a very visual world where people spend countless hours looking at pictures on Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram and so many other platforms, it’s important that we are expressing the right message with our design. I have said it before and I will say it again, EVERYTHING you do and say, don’t do […]

Design Focused On Simplicity – Flat And Thin

In the past several years, you may have noticed that the appearance of websites and apps have begun to appear  simpler than they used to and this is because of the rapid shift from the previously popular 3D design to the latest trend of a more “flat and thin” design appearance.  Not only do they […]

How Many Geeks Does it Take to Make a WordPress Website?

According to Dictionary.com the definition for geek is far from the negative connotation used in day to day conversation. geek [geek]  Show IPA Slang. noun 1. a digital-technology expert or enthusiast (a term of pride as self-reference, but often used disparagingly by others).   I embrace my geekiness or “enthusiasm” for all things digital, but […]

5 Key Elements To Great Typography

One of the main goals with my blog is to bring value and education to my audience.  Today, we take a look at the key elements of typography and why it matters for your site. You can have all the slick graphics and great design but if you site is not readable, it will not [...]

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The What and Why of Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design has been around in one form or another even since before the term was coined in 2010 but it’s only very recently that it’s become an indispensable practice for web designers. Smartphone and tablet usage is exploding and the internet plays a part in many of the things we do every day, big and small.

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My Short List of Where I Get Graphics and Illustrations

Leonardo da Vinci had the Mona Lisa, Monet had nature, and Andy Warhol had… well, I’ll keep this G-rated. Anyway, you get my drift. All artists need some inspiration and a little help with some graphics and illustrations. I pull in inspiration daily, and a lot of it comes straight to my inbox from blogs I […]

Simple Is Powerful: Why Infographics Work for Everyone

Icons, illustrations, and graphics can all tell a story by synthesizing data, creating perspective, and communicating meaning at a glance. Infographics tell a compelling story that’s interesting, easy to understand, and universal. You already know there are two types of thinkers: right-brain dominant and left-brain dominant. Traditionally, right-brained people are known for being intuitive and […]

Why You Can’t Automate the Design Process

If you are a busy designer like me, you are always trying to find ways to be more efficient. I recently tweeted Rafal Tomal, lead designer at Copyblogger and asked him if he had a tool he used to create guides and grids for his designs. He explained he used a clean standard PSD template with […]