Your Weekly SEO Insider: No. 49

Your SEO Insider

Welcome back SteamFeeders! Your SEO Insider is a curated list of the best and most important Search Engine and SEO articles from the past week. Don't miss: Is click-through rate a search ranking signal? how to rank on YouTube Link building tactics Creating content that will rank Search Engine news and updates SEO Still on the fence about click-through rate as … [Read more...]

Your SEO Insider (No. 48): User Experience as an SEO Ranking Factor, Understanding SEO, and more . . .

Barnacle SEO

Your SEO Insider - your key to keeping up on the SEO strategies and search engine changes that you need to know about each week! Don't miss: Is User Experience (UX) a ranking factor? Bing changes local search UX  for home buyers/renters Picking the best "Barnacle" sites for your industry Understanding SEO User Experience is undeniably an important element in the … [Read more...]

The Blunt and Brutal Honest Truth About SEO

The Blunt and Brutal Honest Truth About SEO

There is no other marketing effort more complex or changing at a faster rate than search engine optimization (SEO). It takes a great deal of time to just keep up with the trends. Something you learned six months ago can be outdated today. And it’s unique in that you no longer really perform SEO on its own – it’s grown to live in unison with all other digital marketing … [Read more...]

Your SEO Insider (No. 47): Get Local Reviews, Create Content Silos, YouTube Optimization

Your SEO Insider

Welcome to this week's "extended version" of the Insider! Three full weeks worth of the best articles and biggest news coming out of the world of search engines and SEO! Don't miss: Get more reviews for your local business How to recover from a Google penalty Create Local Content Silos How to create Evergreen Content YouTube Optimization and more . . . Local … [Read more...]

6 Great Tools to Analyze Web Host Server: An SEO Friendly Approach


Undoubtedly, you want your business website to outperform every glitch it faces on its way to make a strong hold on the web. Well, alike other webmasters I wish the same. Any performance glitch regarding my website inflicts me with great rue and this particular feeling is common for any dedicated webmaster. Typically, a webmaster’s proclivity to his creation always outweighs … [Read more...]

Moving from DIY to DFY Website Management

Website management is not a sexy subject and yet it is as crucial to the success of a website as great design or inspiring content. ~ Paul Boag There is little doubt that having a website as a small business is no longer a luxury – it is a necessity in today’s online-focused world. Your website is like a storefront and online visitors are like window shoppers. When people … [Read more...]

The Impact of Google Direct Answers & Voice Search on SEO


SEO is an ever changing landscape and with so many new developments, it can be hard trying to keep up with what’s happening. Google is known for its frequent algorithm updates, but one of their more recent developments is their plan to develop a voice search function in the same way as Apple devices have Siri. With voice searches likely to be the search option of the future, … [Read more...]

Here’s What “Quality Content” Actually Means

Better Quality Content

Online content comes in many forms. But four times out of five, at least for most startup owners, the most popular type comes in the form of blog posts. Why’s that? Because static pages rarely change and more advanced forms of content (like case studies, infographics or videos) take time and resources that entrepreneurs rarely have. Great content should be generated often. … [Read more...]

Your SEO Insider (No. 46): free tools from Google (why aren’t you using them?), don’t listen to Yext, are you in danger of losing your GMB page?

SEO Insider-2

Welcome back SteamFeeders! I'm happy to be sending this out to you from our new home office in Las Vegas, NV! This week, don't miss "Google My Business" page: Use it or lose it! Yext's reports not necessarily based in reality Updates on the most recent . . . updates? Free tools from Google that you're probably not using (yet!) Local SEO Google says that dormant … [Read more...]

Your SEO Insider (No. 45): Periodic Table of SEO [Infographic], social signals, “Near me” searches

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Hi Steamfeeders! Welcome back to another SEO Insider! This week, don't miss: the science of SEO social media signals as SEO ranking factors use search qualifies such as "near me" and "nearby" doubled in the past year SEO and website redesign content ideas are everywhere 1. Search Engine Optimization is said to be part art and part science. The "art" is gained … [Read more...]