4 New Social Media Ads You Should Try In 2015

According to ZenithOptimedia, the Internet is the fastest growing medium in advertising with 16.9% growth in 2014 and a forecast of 15% growth for the next two years. Ten years ago, only 4% of budgets were given to digital (social media/internet) advertising. As social media advertising grows, there will always be new options available and […]

How To Share Your Content The Right Way

Sharing content is an art, whoever says that all you have to do is write, post and press share is far from being close to mastering the art of content sharing. To be honest I didn’t think I was going to be a content marketer, I love writing and I am fond of sharing content […]

Boost Your Marketing in 2015 With Hootsuite

Thinking of boosting your 2015 social media marketing with Hootsuite? This is the perfect time of year to go from a free user to a Pro Account, and ramp up your brand on social media. To help you decide whether to purchase the Pro account, check out some of the benefits of adding Hootsuite to […]

How to Choose Your Social Media Marketing Platform: HootSuite, Buffer or Oktopost?

Social media is all about relationships and engagement, and the best way to engage with people on social networks is by directly being active on those networks. However, managing multiple social media marketing channels can be very time consuming, which is why many marketing managers choose to use the help of a social media management platform. Part […]

Your SEO Insider: Google 3-Pack Replaces Carousel, Performing A Panda Audit, Local SEO In 2015

Returning home to Idaho last week from a short vacation in Las Vegas, I was confident of two things: it was going to be much colder in Idaho than it was in Vegas, and Google was bound to have made changes to search. Right on both accounts – Idaho is more than 60 degrees colder […]

Is Yelp Consumer Or Business Driven? What You Should Know

If you’re a small business owner, you may already understand the importance of Yelp. Yelp allows people to search for and rate local businesses – from restaurants to doctors – and nearly every other business in between. If you haven’t signed your business up on the site, it’s a great idea, especially if you want […]

Local Optimization – Do You Have A Google+ Business Page?

If you don’t yet have a presence on Google+, I recommend that you grab our business page URL on Google for 2015.  If you are thinking this is just another social media dashboard you will have to fit into your budget, don’t worry. I am just asking you to set up your account and save […]

5 Ingredients For Your Successful Holiday Social Advertising Campaign

Whether or not we want to believe it, the holiday season is upon us. We see turkeys and pumpkin pie everywhere we go. The pre-Black Friday sales are going on. Christmas music is starting to filter through our radio stations. Is your business ready? The holiday season is one time of year that it seems […]

Blend Social And Your Website: Win Consumer Brand Perception

An Armani suit may be seen as a tad too dressy for an advertising intern, but Banana Republic may be just right. A Ferrari owner is probably young and sporty, while an Austin Martin owner is a classier, more sophisticated guy. How do we arrive at such clear images in our heads? What is responsible […]

10 Pinterest Boards Your NPO Should Have

Is Your NPO on Pinterest Yet? Pinterest is a great place for non-profits to engage, build an audience and gain a following. Even if you think your NPO isn’t suited for a visual platform such as Pinterest, I encourage you to keep an open mind, read this article and reconsider adding Pinterest to your NPOs […]

Handling The Algorithm: Social Data Insights You Need To Know

How aware are you of the algorithms that rule your life? I have a vested interest in your answer. I make my living building vibrant online communities from participants on social media platforms that lead to increases in revenue for clients. Algorithms are a perplexing problem in my decision making. Devious mediation by algorithms imprint […]

Top 5 Tips to Use Social Media for Your Startup

Starting a new business isn’t an easy thing. And it’s even more difficult to make people know about your offerings. So, when you set up a business, marketing is a must. You need to think about different ways to reach out to people. Marketing for startups is a completely different thing. And you need to […]

10 Social Media Content Ideas To Make Your Business Pop!

Are you struggling, with finding unique content ideas to stand out from other businesses? You’re not alone! Creating engaging content ideas is a daily battle for many. It can be extremely frustrating when you can’t think of anything creative or engaging to share with your audience. Social media is extremely crowded, and businesses need every […]

The Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Social Media Marketing [Infographic]

You’ve taken a looksee into social media marketing. You tremble. It looks about as comfortable as swimming the seas to another continent. You feel you’ll drown. Or get munched on by the sharks who call it home. I know. I’ve been there. Everyone has. Take a deep breath. I have just the thing for you. […]

SteamFeed TV (Ep.15): Copyblogger Kills Facebook, Parents Responsible For Kids’ #SocialMedia

In tonight’s episode we talk about Copyblogger killing their Facebook page and we talk about the Georgia ruling on parents being responsible for what their kids post on social media. Make sure you subscribe to SteamFeed TV on our YouTube Page!

How To Organize Login Information For Clients

Whether it be a web design project, social media project, or an optimization project, I do not know how many times I forget to obtain the login information from the company owners. You would think after working with all of these profiles and dashboards it would just come second nature to all of us. Alas, […]

How To Target Your Social Media Ads Effectively

One of the amazing perks to social advertising is being able to target the exact person or group you want to reach. To get the most bang for your buck and to be successful with your social advertising, you have to target a specific audience. Businesses are often clueless about this part of the social […]

The 5 Biggest Twitter Mistakes You Are Making Today

About 50 percent of my week is spent on Twitter (This falls under my job description. Seriously.) Both personally and professionally, I’m drawn to the openness of the network and the ability to find and connect with people from all over the world. I spend my Twitter time browsing my feed for current events or […]

How To Reduce Your Sponsored Update Expenses In Social Media Advertising

Social media marketing is continually becoming competitive. Pushing your updates, comments, or posts out to your connections is becoming less valuable. Why? Well, your connections are being inundated by others in their network bombarding them with other information. Whether it’s your blog articles, infographics or simply sharing a page on your website, your update, post […]

The Truth About Social Selling: Why Old-School Selling Is Still Critical

There is a cottage industry of social selling authorities, experts, and gurus proclaiming that the old ways of selling are dead. This social media mafia insists that cold calling is dead and that only social media works to create new opportunities. They tell salespeople, business owners, and entrepreneurs that the deals they need can only […]