How To Add Links To Your Blog That Get Outstanding Results

Adding links to your business blog enhances your readers’ experience and can have benefits for your business as well. It is worth the effort to do it well.

Build Trust in Your Blog Community with Empathic Listening

Empathy is the foundation of society and commerce What you will learn about empathy and blogging communities: Examples of empathy and empathic listening. The foundation of human communication in social environments is empathy and listening. Successful blogs have strong communities with members who feel like they belong and are important because they are heard. Empathic […]

5 Things You Must Do Before You Hit Publish

Before you hit publish on your blog post, there is one critical step before you click that button. That mission critical step is to review your work. If you are a one-man show (where you don’t have the luxury of having a team) then you’ll be going through the system of a self-edit process. It […]

Overhaul Your Blog in 8 Simple Steps

Have you had “update my blog” on your to-do list for awhile now? Are you afraid it will be overwhelming or expensive? Or both? Here’s some good news: There are eight really simple things you can do to help you be a more efficient blogger and make your blog more effective at bringing in leads. […]

8 Ways to Generate Blog Content Ideas

Whoever said coming up with blog content ideas is easy must be new to the job. Generating smashing hit subjects on a daily or weekly basis is a challenging proposition, and there’s no one right way to go about doing it. However, there are a few hidden secrets that we regularly employ here at Rocket […]

Has Your Blog Flow Slowed?

I don’t know about you, but even when I was in school, July became a lazy month for me. I think it is because, in Georgia, July starts the count to the beginning of school again. Yes, we start August 1st, and yes it is hard to go that early! I still, to this day, […]

Business Blogging Power Tools: Editorial Calendars and Idea Catchers

Many recognize the benefits of business blogging, yet with a haphazard approach aren’t seeing positive results. These tools will help.

4 Proven Ways to Engage Employees in Your Content Creation Process

  If you were to randomly poll company owners about the need for good content to further their digital marketing efforts, you’d find the overwhelming majority would consider it critical. Regardless of your company’s size or industry, the ideal scenario for content creation is to get full buy-in and support from employees. At The Sales […]

The Scientific Guide to Creating Sticky Headlines

You’re in a fight. You know that, right? No, you won’t be throwing punches and trying to knock someone out.   But you are in a fight to capture the hearts and minds of readers. Every day, thousands of new posts are published to the blogosphere all competing for the attention of their readers. Being the […]

Grammar Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Content

Letting grammar mistakes live in published works online is one way to delegitimize a brand. With a little practice and know-how, though, grammar mistakes are an easy fix. And trust us, they need to be fixed! Keeping these mistakes around is a quick way to sabotage your content marketing efforts. Let’s take a look at […]

4 Reasons Your Content Is Yawn-Worthy

Ahhhh, the content monster. Some call it the Google beast. It requires you to pump out good content over and over again if you want to “get found” online. But what’s “good” content? Well, for starters it’s: Unique and/or original Read worthy Valuable Well written Sounds easy, right? Not so fast. Statistics from show […]

How easy is it to create an authority website?

Have you ever been told that to generate a good level of success online that you need an authority website? In this article you will discover: What exactly is an authority website and how do you create one? Is this something you can do by yourself? Do you need help to create and then populate […]

Content And Data Are At The Center Of Everything

I had an interesting conversation with an executive not that long ago. They were telling me about how they were getting into “Social Media Marketing.” Because I’m a digital geek, it piqued my interest. I started asking questions: Me: Why are you getting on social media? Them: Well, our customers are active on Facebook and […]

5 Attractive Article Structures to Increase Readership

As a regular guest author on a variety of niche sites – such as Venture Beat’s Games Beat to Social Media Examiner to Buzzfeed – I often have to quickly adjust my writing style to fit their tone. This is pretty customary for me now, but at first it was time consuming. I’d have to […]

Blogging Success Tips From a Leading Sales Expert

If you stick with it, blogging has a remarkable ability to build and strengthen relationships and credibility over time. Leanne Hoagland-Smith shares some of her blogging secrets.

SEO and Blogging

Blogging has taken hold of the internet. If you aren’t blogging at least a few times a year, then you run the risk of your company being drowned out in the constant barrage of information that is published every day. In this Article  You Will Learn: Why You Should Be Blogging How to Boost Your […]

Growing Your Blog One Reader At a Time

My guess is a portion of you won’t like this article. Growing your blog one reader at a time sounds lame, I know. We live in a world of instant gratification. It seems like any task nowadays can be completed successfully in just 15 minutes or 5 easy steps. Building a blog, a real blog, doesn’t work that […]

How To Leverage Live Blogging to Grow Your Audience

Last year after my family moved to Thailand, I was looking for a way to justify a trip to Las Vegas to spend time at the World Series of Poker (WSOP). Poker is a hobby, one that I am very passionate about and I am as much of a fan as I am a player. […]

Blogging: Case Study Ideas and Examples

Case studies are one of the most powerful marketing tools your business blog can use. They form the basis of a buying decision for prospects; a survey by an organisation called Bazaar Voice found that more than 8 out of 10 people say that opinions and recommendations from people they don’t know are signs of […]

How to Ask for Guest Bloggers Without the Awkwardness

It feels awkward sometimes. You’re not the biggest and baddest blog in your industry and you don’t exactly have your inbox flooded with guest blogging proposals. However, you’re building your readership. You’d like to spice up things by adding perspectives, opinions, and advice from other industry experts on your blog. You also get the benefit of bringing […]