Blog Rituals Supercharge Writing: Hack Your Evolution

Takeaways You are searching for methods to make your blog writing faster and better. In our evolutionary past, humans adapted rituals to create meaning and motivate action. Famously creative people sometimes have what seem like odd rituals. You can strategically use a wide and dynamic variety of rituals to rock your writing. The Origins of […]

5 Telling Signs You’re An Absolutely Lazy Blogger

In this post you’ll learn What a bone idle blogger looks like What Blogging success looks like The importance of The Plan Why Important Things Are Capitalised How to defeat Distraction From The Shinies You know the signs of blogging success. You see the signs everywhere: subscribers, social proof, comments, flash car, mansion overlooking the […]

4 Tips on How to Boost Engagement By Writing to Your Target Audience

Now days, it seems like everyone is jumping onto the blog bandwagon. People are flocking to their keyboards to write about their interests, which are as diverse and varied as those who write them. But with so much information being created and shared, how do you ensure that you get noticed? Here are four tips […]

5 Ways Blogging Sways Customers To Do Business With You

By answering these five unspoken questions, your business blog can guide potential customers towards the decision to do business with you.

Stop Being Lazy: Take The Time To REALLY Distribute Your Content

The success of your content hinges on more than the time and effort put into creating it. Marketers too often focus all of their attention to content development, and not enough time on distribution. The leaked New York Times innovation report spent two entire chapters talking about the importance of opening new distribution channels. Janine […]

Horse Thieves: What Should You Do If Someone Steals Your Work?

It is urban legend today and fact at one time in history that horse thieves were hung when caught. It was thought of as a fitting form of justice for the crime as it was particularly harmful to the victim and the victim’s ability to earn a living. Sadly, this swift justice is no longer […]

Do You Really Know Your Audience?

So how does one put pen to paper, or rather, fingers to keyboard, and create content that is appropriate for their audience? Until now, editorial guidance is limited to the persona of the audiences’ age, income, or social status, which provides a valuable but limited view of the audience. What if there was another way […]

How Blogging For Profit Could Ruin Your Company Blog

In this post, you’re going to learn: Why some blogs fail while others thrive What a purpose driven blog is 3 examples of purpose driven blogs and why they work I have a confession: I’m a failed content marketer. Or at least some times I feel that way. You see, content marketing is my life […]

Has Your Blog Flow Slowed?

I don’t know about you, but even when I was in school, July became a lazy month for me. I think it is because, in Georgia, July starts the count to the beginning of school again. Yes, we start August 1st, and yes it is hard to go that early! I still, to this day, […]

Without These Best Apps, I Would Quit My Blog

Takeaways:  Apps can either  accelerate the pace  of your quality writing or slow you down with distractions.  The best way to locate the apps you need is finding someone you can trust who has tried them out already. The list of the best apps for bloggers will help you easily find the ones you need to […]

Top 5 Blog Editing Essentials That Build Credibility and Loyalty

Business blog editing is about much more than apostrophes or typos. By using these five blog editing elements, you will earn readers’ trust and respect, and keep them coming back.

10 Great Examples of Brands as Publisher

Back in the late 90′s there were a few brands that saw the internet as an opportunity to create their own information and entertainment destination to better serve their customers and define and promote their brand.  At the time I thought they were crazy and I was wrong since they were actually ahead of their time. […]

Who Says You Need To Be a Fortune 500 To Have Great Business Blogging?

A recent article in Marketing Land shares some intriguing survey results. UMass Dartmouth (UMD) researchers recently collected data which shows how business blogging among the Fortune 500 has dropped 3% since last year. It’s the first decline in the number of blogs for this group of companies in 7 years. Perhaps even more interesting is […]

3 Proven Ways To Make Money With Your Blog

As bloggers, we’ve all come to that point in our journey – that metaphorical fork in the road – where we’ve had to stop and think about our next step. Is blogging merely a hobby to mentally satisfy or can it be a business that brings in the dough? Even if blogging isn’t your profession, […]

Top 10 Reasons to Use Internal and External Links on Your Business Blog

Have you ever noticed when reading a blog post online that some words are underlined, or set apart in a different colour? Move your mouse over this text and you’ll discover that these are active hyperlinks that take you to another page – either on the same site (internal links) or a new site (external […]

7 Blog Post Formulas That Will Boost Your Business Blog

We all know an editorial calendar will keep our business blog on track, and focus our marketing on message but what sort of blog posts do we populate the editorial calendar with? In this post I’m going to share with you the most popular blog post formulas for small business owners to use in their blogging. Read […]

13 Steps to Master the Flow State in Your Powerful Blog

The Flow State Improves Your Writing Ability and Performance   In this article you will learn the following about flow state: A definition and the significance it has in your blogging community. Examples of the flow state in action and how to make it happen. Specific steps to take in order to locate the flow state […]

The Simplest Trick to Generate Amazing Blog Ideas Overnight

Yes, I’m serious. Overnight! Ready to find out what the trick is? Read before bed. Especially when you’re becoming sleepy. Even better when you have a pressing blog to write.  Before you write it off as half-baked advice, let me: Tell you a story. Share supporting evidence from Red Thread Thinking: Weaving Together Connections for Brilliant Ideas & Profitable Innovation […]

How To Add Links To Your Blog That Get Outstanding Results

Adding links to your business blog enhances your readers’ experience and can have benefits for your business as well. It is worth the effort to do it well.

Build Trust in Your Blog Community with Empathic Listening

Empathy is the foundation of society and commerce What you will learn about empathy and blogging communities: Examples of empathy and empathic listening. The foundation of human communication in social environments is empathy and listening. Successful blogs have strong communities with members who feel like they belong and are important because they are heard. Empathic […]