New Twitter Layout 2014: Welcome To Twacebook

So, what should you know about the new Twitter layout? I know… If you’re not on Twitter, you’re thinking, “I’m not on Twitter, why should I care?” If you’re on Twitter, you might be thinking, “Oh, brother…Twitter too?” Google+ made some semi-recent layout changes, LinkedIn is changing the Services section of Company Pages, and Facebook […]

3 Apps Every B2B Business Needs on Its Facebook Page

Three Essential Apps Every B2B Business Needs on Its Facebook Page

On every brand’s Page there are four app thumbnails, three of which are customizable and whose positions can be moved. Some companies choose to use this space to feature their Page’s Like count or Facebook’s “Notes” and “Map” apps. These … Read more

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10 Reasons the Most Successful Businesses Count on Apps for Their Facebook Promotions

10 Reasons the Most Successful Businesses Count on Apps for Their Facebook PromotionsWhen Facebook announced in August 2013 that page administrators had the option to create promotions without needing to use a third-party application, it stirred up a lot of conversation around our office. Right away our development team to get to … Read more

WARNING: This Facebook App Was Executed Perfectly

Warning: This App Was Executed Perfectly

Building a successful Facebook app goes beyond making the app look good. Of course design helps: A clean look that’s branded and clearly displays your promotion or strategy looks better than an app that has been thrown together. However, an … Read more

100+ Facebook Templates To Give Your Facebook Presence New Life

Businesses use custom Facebook Pages to run promotions and sweepstakes, collect data, generate leads, and brand their Facebook Page. The business marketing opportunities with apps are endless, especially when you use a platform such as ShortStackwhich allows you … Read more

New Facebook Page Layout 2014: What To Expect

So, what should you expect in the new Facebook Page layout 2014? “The only thing constant is change.”  ~Francois de la Rochefoucauld This seems especially true with Facebook, right?  :) Well, they’ve moved our cheese again! Prelude To A New Facebook Page Layout Just days before announcing the new Facebook Page layout, Facebook announced the […]

How to Increase Your Facebook Engagement by 275% [Infographic]

How to Increase Your Facebook Engagement by 275% [Infographic]

Are you wracking your brain over why some of your Facebook posts are highly engaged with while others are total duds? Consider yourself in luck. Today’s featured infographic provides some much needed information medicine for your head.

The infographic,“How Read more

5 Things Every Marketer Should Understand About The Current State of Facebook

Facebook is an incredible platform that can be used to do everything from growing an interested and passionate audience to efficiently driving direct conversions for your business. But for some reason marketers can’t stop complaining about it. A few weeks ago a video was released calling the whole thing a fraud and I had clients, […]

4 Lessons from Facebook’s Whatsapp Acquisition

In Silicon Valley it’s the tale of technology and class. In San Francisco rents are higher than ever and residents are fuming mad. The parade of Google and Apple buses leading out of the Mission District everyday into the South Bay has incensed those who are not techies, leading to rocks pelted and routes stopped. […]

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Getting Started with Facebook Advertising [Infographic]


If you’ve been stymied by Facebook advertising, you’re not alone. Learning the difference between Custom Audiences, Facebook Exchange, Power Editor and retargeting can make a novice’s head spin.

This new infographic, from 909c (a Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer) lays it … Read more