Come Over to the Plus Side: Google+ and its SEO Benefits

SEO as we knew it is dead. Or at least it’s dying. The good news is that Google+ is evolving to present an entirely new (and much more natural, too) form of SEO meant to help searches find the most useful content available. There are a number of reasons why content marketers should be utilizing […]

Google+ Ripples – One Google+ Feature To Help You Build A Strong Community

If you’re on Google+ and you’re not using one of its best features Ripples yet then you’re missing out on a fantastic way to build your community, create leads, and generate traffic. Over the past couple of years I’ve heard on several occasions people tell me that every now and again they hop on Google […]

Google Glass: Is Your Privacy In Jeopardy?

For today only Google is expanding its Google Glass Explorers program by offering the controversial wearable device to the public for $1500 (price includes a free set of frames or shades: $150-$250), which will most likely grow the program significantly. Which also means there is going to be a lot more people wearing Google Glass […]

How to Schedule a Google Plus Hangout On Air Event

I recently wrote an article entitled, How and Why to Schedule Hangouts On Air Using Google+ Events. Now you may think I’m getting senile and repeating myself. Though the verdict may still be out on the former, I’m definitely not repeating myself. That last article was a guide for creating a HOA using the G+ […]

Smart Google+ Strategies to Grow Your Online Community

It’s no secret. Google Plus is a powerful online tool. From search engine optimization, to social signals and semantic search, Google Plus is a veritable wonderland of opportunity for savvy business professionals. However, while you might be aware of Google Plus, adding it to an integrated social media marketing campaign is another story. New is […]

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SteamFeed TV Is Coming March 27th!

I am excited to announce that SFTV (SteamFeed TV) will be making its debut on March 27 at 8:30 PM EST. The show will air live via Google Hangouts On Air every other Thursday. The concept will be a bit different from and SteamFeed Radio in that while the blog offers best tips, how-to’s, and […]

Tips for Hosting and Attending Google Plus Hangouts

With so many Google+ features to choose from, it can be hard to navigate the complex platform. Here are our tips to get the most out of Google+’s best feature, Google Hangouts.

How to Build Trust on Google Plus

Google wants to trust you. It needs to trust you are who you say you are, your content is yours, and you have authority in your niche. It requires this in order to deliver the most relevant search results possible.  Search is its bread and butter. So it created Google Plus, its “identity” engine. In this article, […]

How Semantic Search Changes The Way You do Business

  This article is a continuation of the one I wrote last Fall for SteamFeed about the relationship between Semantic Search, Google Plus and SEO: Why You Should Care About Google+, SEO and Semantic Search. Since then, I’ve had the opportunity to speak with David Amerland, author of Google Semantic Search, several times, most recently as guest on my weekly Google Plus Lunch […]

Are You Pumping Up Your Google Plus Strategy in 2014?

Can you really choose to ignore Google Plus this year? In just over two years, Google Plus has become the second most widely used social network with approximately 350 million active users according to GlobalWebIndex. If you’re a regular SteamFeed reader you’ve seen many persuasive articles on the benefits of including Google Plus in your marketing […]