LinkedIn: Creating A Profile That Attracts Prospects

Its important to remember that your profile is your online branding, so you need to make sure that your profile has cohesive branding to your website and other social presences. Make sure you are using the right logo and make sure that your employees are using the right logo. You might want to create some standardized […]

5 Tips To Rock Your Content Strategy With LinkedIn Showcase Pages

This past November, LinkedIn introduced Showcase Pages, a new feature designed to help businesses  better market their brand(s),  products, services,  verticals, and more. On its blog, LinkedIn explained that this new feature would provide businesses the opportunity to “spotlight” specific parts of their company, not just the organization as a whole. This is meant to ensure […]

6 LinkedIn Strategies to Prepare for Events, Meetings and Conferences

I was talking to a prospective (and somewhat curmudgeonly) client the other day.  He was huffing about this “Damn social media stuff” and how real business was still done the old fashioned way.  Through referrals and face to face.  I’m sure he expected me to huff into denial and/or hang up on him.  But after […]

4 Easy Steps to Staying Top Of Mind With Top Prospects on LinkedIn!

Using LinkedIn’s New Article Search for TOMA Influencer Content Search LinkedIn recently released its new Article Search option (You can read more about it here: LinkedIn Article Search) This allows you to search through Articles In Pulse ( by keyword, by author and by the month it was posted. A New Signal? While this new […]

Steps To Get Noticed On LinkedIn By Recruiters

LinkedIn again. I love this tool and what it can do for an account holder. I have used it to receive requests to quote jobs, for candidates looking for work, make connections to business people with whom I can do business with or refer business to. Did you know that is just as powerful for […]

Creating LinkedIn Showcase Pages

A couple of weeks ago LinkedIn released its new Showcase Pages. Like subgroups in your groups – your Company Page can now have “sub pages” called  now have sub pages. This is a great idea for companies that want to really focus on a specific product or service or that have many sub-brands.  For example, I […]

Startups Should Hire PR Early

During the earliest stages of a startup, there are many discussions and decisions about how a business will launch and with which bells and whistles to go to market. Marketing needs to be involved in these earliest stages; does public relations?
The very lawyerly answer is, it depends.
When you work with a hybrid public relations professional who brings 30 years of experience to a team, then public relations influences a startup’s business strategy. There is even counsel delivered by public relations that can influence business model. This expertise comes from years of innate knowledge acquired from representing clients across industries.
A public relations professional is a startup’s single-most critical member of the team, especially during pre-launch.

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Jayme Soulati

Jayme Soulati is a hybrid PR professional offering digital, content and social media marketing with core public relations and message mapping. As president of Soulati Media, Inc, she is an award-winning professional blogger and author of Writing with Verve on the Blogging Journey. She writes for Steamfeed, Chief Marketer, 12Most and elsewhere. Invite her to speak at industry events or write for your blog. Connect with her on all social media channels.
Hire Jayme for blended marketing campaigns, to seamlessly integrate with a marketing team, or to execute strategy with hybrid public relations expertise.

How to Be More Valuable to Your LinkedIn Network

Linda Dessau is the author of Write Your Way to More Clients Online. She is a business blogging expert, writer and editor, and the founder of Content Mastery Guide.

LinkedIn Tips for Women!

One of my passions is on how women are using social media: what they should and should not being doing; how their innate skills make them amazing users, curators, and creators of social media content; and how some common traits of many women might be holding them back.  In fact I wrote a chapter in […]