New Twitter Layout 2014: Welcome To Twacebook

So, what should you know about the new Twitter layout? I know… If you’re not on Twitter, you’re thinking, “I’m not on Twitter, why should I care?” If you’re on Twitter, you might be thinking, “Oh, brother…Twitter too?” Google+ made some semi-recent layout changes, LinkedIn is changing the Services section of Company Pages, and Facebook […]

Say This 5 Times Fast: Your Twitter Marketing Cheat Sheet

We’ve compiled the do’s and don’ts, the wrongs and rights, the must-know tips for your Twitter marketing strategy. No notes needed; here is your cheat sheet.

SteamFeed TV – Tech vs Locals, Twitter Changes, Social Media and Our Schools

Last night’s episode of SteamFeed TV was our maiden voyage and we had a blast! Of course we had a few technical hiccups but what would episode 1 be without some bumps in the road. We’re already working hard to smooth them out before our second episode on Thursday April 10th (Join our daily email […]

These B2B Hashtags Keep Marketers From Drowning in the Twitter Stream

Let’s face it…many of us still think Twitter is the most confusing social media platform of them all. If you’re a regular Twitter user, then you have probably learned to maneuver through the platform’s idiosyncrasies. Think about it though: how intuitive is it to have conversations with people who may not even be using their […]

Your Tweet is Very Important to Us, Please Stay on the Line

Let’s say, you have a question you want to ask a brand and you choose to ask that question over Twitter. What is the most unwelcome response? Is it brand silence? Not to me. I think the worst response is obviously an automated response (American Airlines Will Respond To Every Tweet — No Matter How Offensive) that has […]

Three Dead Simple Tips To Building Meaningful Twitter Relationships

Relationships are everything. They are the backbone of business and are a key aspect of our own lives. Whether we like it or not, relationships have shaped us as individuals. Whether it’s the relationships we had with our parents or classmates as kids or the relationships we’ve developed with peers and colleagues throughout our careers […]

Twitter Tango: He Says, She Says…Who’s Right?

How many people are too many to follow on Twitter? Is it OK to automate your tweets or should you manually write each one? These are two of the most popular questions asked by both veterans and newbies. Maybe you want to know the answers too. This is a unique blog post for SteamFeed — […]

How to Become Your Audience’s Twitter Soulmate

Big brands spend millions on digital marketing. Sometimes, however, a reputation can come down to just a few characters — 140, to be exact. In the digital landscape, a smart, effective presence on Twitter has far more significance than its bite-size format might lead you to believe. And right now, your brand has two kinds […]

No Room for Error: A Cautionary Tale of A Precarious Tweet

I’m a mom as well as a marketer. As much as I’ve learned in this digital space, I have seen enormous opportunities for business as well as the downside impact of social media from both a brand and individual standpoint. As a parent, I sternly believe that I can’t necessarily shield my children from the […]

5 Reasons Small Businesses Should Embrace Twitter

Despite being the world’s fastest growing social network with more than 170 million active users worldwide, small businesses remain hesitant to put Twitter to use for them. Twitter is a powerful tool for businesses of all sizes. It’s great for short conversations, customer relations, lead generating and relationship building. Fifty-one per cent of active Twitter […]