Seven Stealth Marketing Tools For Startup Professionals

For, Keri Jaehnig of Idea Girl Media showcases seven stealth marketing tools for start up professionals

Looking for a list of marketing tools with "top-level turbos?" Hang on to your helmet, because you're in for a ride! Professionals at startups are often bootstrapped, multi-tasked, and need to be uber-focused in ways that keep them competitive.   Entrepreneurs are in the same squadron.  This list of marketing tools should include a few surprises to help you out-pace … [Read more...]

Why The Customer is Not Always Right

the customer is not always right

I don’t know if whomever came up with the expression, “the customer is always right”, is more deserving of our scorn or pity. This misguided soul must have had a challenging time running their business, catering to every client's wish and whim. If you've ever lost sleep over a client service issue, you'll know exactly what I mean. Here are a couple of reasons why I feel the … [Read more...]

In Charge Of Your Own Business Marketing Strategy? Start here.

Propel Businessworks - Promote through Communications DG megaphone

As small business owners, we often wear all (or at least most) of the hats in our business. And for the entrepreneur, that rarely excludes marketing, so there is no doubt that having and following a clear business marketing strategy is essential for keeping your business alive and thriving. But what if you don’t see yourself as the “marketing type” or the "planning type"? … [Read more...]

Startups — Legal Matters: Controlling Digital Assets


Over the past three months, I have addressed key legal fundamentals in launching a new business venture, ways to protect your “public face” with customer agreements and balancing big data and privacy. This month, I discuss maintaining control over your business’ key digital assets. Specific topic include: • The role of digital assets in today’s business environment • … [Read more...]

Top 6 Web Design Tips for Startups

While starting a business, it’s almost imperative these days to establish an online presence. Because majority of your customers will come through the internet. Besides, the website will also play an extremely important role in building your brand presence. So, a simple website created just for the sake of it won’t do. You need to build a website, which performs well enough. … [Read more...]

Should Entrepreneurs Follow Their Passion?

dont follow your passion

Do you believe you should follow your passion? Entrepreneurs are often told that they should follow their passion. They hear this advice from friends. They read it in articles and blog posts. They see famous people advocating that following their passion was the secret to their success. As far as advice goes, it is safe. No one will ever get into trouble for suggesting that … [Read more...]

5 Things Most Startups Get Woefully Wrong


The tough labor market and employment scenes that were witnessed around the world until the past year had an unexpected side effect. It gave rise to a new breed of entrepreneurs. Ones who had technology on their side. Ones who could find funding easily – from banks, angel investors, crowdsourcing, the works. The UK saw an unprecedented growth in entrepreneurship with a record … [Read more...]

Top Tips for Marketing Your Startup, Part 2


Laying the foundation of a new company (startup) is one of the most important pieces of the puzzle. You need something strong to build upon. Having a solid marketing foundation will only help. Over this and my previous articles, you will have read 4 valuable tips for marketing your startup… and they aren’t necessarily what you think - In the previous article you … [Read more...]

Startups – Legal Matters: Balancing Big Data and Privacy


Over the past two months, I have addressed key legal fundamentals in launching a new business venture and ways to protect your “public face” with customer agreements. This month, I discuss approaches to managing and utilizing the benefits of “Big Data” while remaining compliant with current and emerging privacy protection regulations. Specific topic include: Formulating a … [Read more...]