Should Entrepreneurs Follow Their Passion?

dont follow your passion

Do you believe you should follow your passion? Entrepreneurs are often told that they should follow their passion. They hear this advice from friends. They read it in articles and blog posts. They see famous people advocating that following their passion was the secret to their success. As far as advice goes, it is safe. No one will ever get into trouble for suggesting that … [Read more...]

5 Things Most Startups Get Woefully Wrong


The tough labor market and employment scenes that were witnessed around the world until the past year had an unexpected side effect. It gave rise to a new breed of entrepreneurs. Ones who had technology on their side. Ones who could find funding easily – from banks, angel investors, crowdsourcing, the works. The UK saw an unprecedented growth in entrepreneurship with a record … [Read more...]

Top Tips for Marketing Your Startup, Part 2


Laying the foundation of a new company (startup) is one of the most important pieces of the puzzle. You need something strong to build upon. Having a solid marketing foundation will only help. Over this and my previous articles, you will have read 4 valuable tips for marketing your startup… and they aren’t necessarily what you think - In the previous article you … [Read more...]

Startups – Legal Matters: Balancing Big Data and Privacy


Over the past two months, I have addressed key legal fundamentals in launching a new business venture and ways to protect your “public face” with customer agreements. This month, I discuss approaches to managing and utilizing the benefits of “Big Data” while remaining compliant with current and emerging privacy protection regulations. Specific topic include: Formulating a … [Read more...]

3 Ways Growing Companies Can Deliver the Best Customer Service

Focus on Customer Service

  Entrepreneurs often believe they will win the business game by simply being better. They believe their product will be better. They believe their ways will be better. They believe if they build it, they will come! The service provided to customers in those early days is often just an ad-hoc collection of ideas, rather than processes or standards. This means customer … [Read more...]

Can Inventory Financing Help Fund My Startup?

Businessman checking inventory in stock room on tablet

The past few years have seen a rise in the number of hardware startups. These companies manufacture cool new products and are quickly becoming popular. This small revival in the product development sector is very visible in sites like Kickstarter and other crowd-based platforms. Initially, the startup has a small-scale manufacturing or assembly operation. All the work is … [Read more...]

9 Business Communication Areas and Why Startups Should Pay Attention to Them

small business communication

So, you're launching a business. Congratulations on taking the plunge! You've no doubt been inundated with more "big decisions" than you ever thought possible. But, before you think you have every piece in place, let me add another consideration for your startup puzzle: business communication. Business communication is VITAL to your startup plan – it defines your business … [Read more...]

Startup Legal Matters: Protecting Your Public Face


Last month, I addressed some key legal fundamentals that entrepreneurs should think about when launching a new business venture. This month, I discuss important steps to protect your business’ “public face” from a legal perspective. Specific topic include: The importance of customer agreements Having contract terms that “fit” Enforceability of click-through … [Read more...]

Can A Line Of Credit Help Your Startup?

line of credit startup

If you are like most startup founders, sooner or later you will try to get a business line of credit. Business owners see them as an ideal option for their companies. Lines of credit are flexible and inexpensive. What is not to like, right? Lines of credit are one of the most misunderstood financing tools. Few business owners really understand what it takes to get one – and … [Read more...]

Top Tips for Marketing Your Startup (Part 1)


Starting a new business is always fun and exciting. There are a lot of parts that go together to get that business off the ground, however one of the most important parts is your marketing. Marketing usually comes last and is often an afterthought, but this should come first. For some it does, but for many, it doesn’t. You have to have a plan of action to get your business … [Read more...]