Don’t Go Breaking My Heart: Social Media Tools I’ve Loved and Lost

  My interest in having access to the latest software and their associated capabilities probably began when I worked for a Microsoft partner. As such, I was responsible for managing our solution provider status with them, and I would receive the latest beta versions of software. In the early days of Twitter, the different apps […]

Entefy: Changing The Way You Communicate

Situation: You are a busy entrepreneur. You spend your day texting, emailing, messaging, etc., sometimes on your personal cell, sometimes on you business one. You have an ever-growing number of apps and tools that you use to send and receive these bits of communication and it gets to be a bit of a pain to […]

32 Tools To Take The Headache Out Of Running Your Small Business

25.3% of small businesses make $10-$25k in revenue each year. That’s no small feat, but it’s also not much! It’s amazing how small businesses are able to stay open and afloat with tight budgets and little to no cash flow. If you’re like me, I run a very tight ship when it comes to finances. […]

Take Control Of Your Inbox With Mail Pilot [Product Review]

If you are anything like me, filtering through emails to find the most important ones and going back and reading the not-so important ones later is a real chore. It can be an endless struggle. I have setup different business and personal emails to help, but then I am still managing multiple email accounts. This […]

SMPLE: A Simple Way For Small Businesses To Excel In Online Marketing

SMPLE is a new online marketing platform that aims to help small businesses simplify their social media marketing strategy. By connecting all or some of your social accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yelp, FourSquare, website, and LinkedIn) into one platform, you can quickly monitor them all in one place, which will ultimately save you time and […]

3 Apps Every B2B Business Needs on Its Facebook Page

Three Essential Apps Every B2B Business Needs on Its Facebook Page

On every brand’s Page there are four app thumbnails, three of which are customizable and whose positions can be moved. Some companies choose to use this space to feature their Page’s Like count or Facebook’s “Notes” and “Map” apps. These … Read more

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Two Fun Applications To Use This Spring

Everyone is always trying to find the newest and coolest applications to use, and then brag about the app before anyone else can.  I was actually told of two pretty neat applications that I will be using this spring, and wanted to pass them along to you because I think we all need to share […]

10 Reasons the Most Successful Businesses Count on Apps for Their Facebook Promotions

10 Reasons the Most Successful Businesses Count on Apps for Their Facebook PromotionsWhen Facebook announced in August 2013 that page administrators had the option to create promotions without needing to use a third-party application, it stirred up a lot of conversation around our office. Right away our development team to get to … Read more

WARNING: This Facebook App Was Executed Perfectly

Warning: This App Was Executed Perfectly

Building a successful Facebook app goes beyond making the app look good. Of course design helps: A clean look that’s branded and clearly displays your promotion or strategy looks better than an app that has been thrown together. However, an … Read more

Get Instant Audience Feedback with SpeakerZen

If you have ever attended a conference or workshop, you have probably seen one: That little form that the organizers want you to fill out to see what you thought of the presentation. Was the content good for you? Did you like the speaker? How was the coffee? More often than not, the form gets […]

11 Apps To Help You Control Your Money

It has always amazed me watching different shows like The Profit, or even business owners I have met that had no clue about their finances. They knew about debt, bills and so on, but didn’t have any clue as to the real numbers, only guessing. Something that I have found to be true is, you […]

CEO’s Should Ban FTP File Transfer Sites

Closing the Door We are all aware of the problems in sending large emails – most systems have a relatively small maximum permitted file size restriction. This becomes a headache when we need to send large report or proposal to our business colleagues et cetera. This has lead to the growth of FTP file transfer […]

Localized Social Media Listening Can Happen with EchoSec

In all the time I have been in the online world, I have never come across an application that had my mind explode with its potential while scaring the living H-E-Double Hockey Sticks out of me. As I watched the demo of EchoSec over my GoToMeeting connection with CEO Karl Swannie, all I could think […]

10 Tools to Make Your Social Media Management Easier

Every second, 9,100 tweets are sent. In a given day, 55 million status updates are made on Facebook. Those are just two examples illustrating the volume of content and activity occurring in social media. By the time you are finished reading this, those statistics will probably have changed. People often ask me about my activity in social media and how I manage all the content that I see and share,…

4 Lessons from Facebook’s Whatsapp Acquisition

In Silicon Valley it’s the tale of technology and class. In San Francisco rents are higher than ever and residents are fuming mad. The parade of Google and Apple buses leading out of the Mission District everyday into the South Bay has incensed those who are not techies, leading to rocks pelted and routes stopped. […]

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Leveraging Social in Sales with Kitedesk

You are a sales person with a large company. Your day is spent working in your CRM, making calls and looking for opportunities. As you surf the industry mags, online, you see an interesting article about a new company that you know fits in your sales target. You look at the website and then it […]

These 24 Tools Will Blast Your Brand To the Next Level

In this noisy content marketing world, it can be a challenge to make your brand stand out from the crowd. Here are the tools to help catapult your campaigns to new heights.

7 Apps Marketers Are Missing Out On

Do you know you’re missing out on some handy apps to make your work and personal life a little bit easier? Take a look at these 7 handy apps to make your work and personal life a little bit easier as a marketer. You’ll thank us later.

My Experience With Google Glass: What’s Next?

In the past nine months, my life has been changed profoundly. All because of a little crystal that hovers just above my right eye. It has been nine months since I started my journey with Google Glass . Lets take a look at the what, where, and when that has gone on since I took […]

Canva: Weak Graphic Design Skills is No Longer Your Problem

Gosh, you guys. I have finally found an amazing, new #techsexy (yes this is Anne speak) app to review and share with you. I say begone design headaches, thanks to Canva. Great design is now a feasible goal, regardless of your skill level. Canva eliminates any stress or fidgeting we get when we try to come up with […]