Google Glass: Is Your Privacy In Jeopardy?

For today only Google is expanding its Google Glass Explorers program by offering the controversial wearable device to the public for $1500 (price includes a free set of frames or shades: $150-$250), which will most likely grow the program significantly. Which also means there is going to be a lot more people wearing Google Glass […]

My Experience With Google Glass: What’s Next?

In the past nine months, my life has been changed profoundly. All because of a little crystal that hovers just above my right eye. It has been nine months since I started my journey with Google Glass . Lets take a look at the what, where, and when that has gone on since I took […]

How Tamagotchi Prepared Us For Smartwatches

Before Facebook was a twinkle in the Flying Spaghetti Monster’s eye and before MySpace even reigned, I first set my eyes on what would be my best friend for the long summer of ’98—I inherited my older sister’s Tamagotchi, Generation One. After some frantic button mashing, the egg opened and Sebastian, my critter, was born. […]

What Is Google Hummingbird And What Does It Mean For The Future of SEO?

Google’s Hummingbird algorithm represents the search giant’s biggest algorithm shift in years. But when viewed in the context of other recent moves, it makes perfect sense and gives us insight into the future of search. From there, we can identify techniques for long-term SEO success. What is the Google Hummingbird algorithm? Google Hummingbird, named for the […]

Going Premium: How to Choose Your Content Marketing Toolkit

There’s a lot of options when it comes to picking your ultimate content marketing toolkit. Too many. I’m in no doubt more people are making the shift to premium versions of tools. I know I (or in the context of Listly “we”) now pay for many more tools. Free is not a smart option in […]

Google Glass Is Really Coming Into Its Own

So I have had Google Glass (not Google Glasses)  for some time now, and how things have changed. In the beginning, just getting used to the device took some time. Then things got easier and answering email, taking pics, and vids became second nature. However, as promised from the Glass team, there would be updates […]

Transitioning from a Head Down Mobile Life, to Eyes Front Glass Life

Eyes Front, Shoulders Back You know that picture of the evolution of man, where we start off hunched over, shoulders slumped and head down? Then as time goes on we stand up straighter and have our eyes front. Well that is the feeling that you get when you make the transition to Glass. At this […]

Claris Healthcare Creates a Healthy Companion

It’s a concern that all health care systems face; as the Baby Boomers age, their needs for medical / pharmaceutical support increases. Everyone is looking for a way to ease the pressure on the system, while still delivering and meeting the healthcare needs of the growing population of seniors. Through all of the studies and […]

iPad Mini Review And Recommended Business Apps

The iPad Mini is here! I must admit, I was not excited when the iPad Mini was announced. I couldn’t understand why anyone would want a smaller iPad! But, I think I’ve changed my mind… In the video below are my first thoughts of my new iPad Mini. I literally just got it! Below the […]

Brydging the Gap

Go to any electronic store, in person or online, and you will find a dozen of different iPad cases and keyboards. Some are good, while others aren’t worth the packaging they came in. One that finally started shipping this month, however, is not only worth its production value, Social Media and Crowd Funding helped create it.

Samsung Galaxy Note I: Product Review

Samsung Galaxy Note S-Planner by SlashGearOkay I have had my Samsung Galaxy Note smartphone for about 5 months now and I have a pretty good grasp on the use and functions of this awesome product. The Note is so much more than a smartphone, updating the operating system to ICS really put this tool over the top for this social media professional. I have recently added a compatible mini keyboard which allows me the opportunity to carry my office in my front pockets. I love that I have the ability to work from anywhere, combined with easy portability. Lets take a moment and dig a little deeper.