Your SEO Insider (No. 34): Time for HTTPS? Finding the Right Local Directories for your Business

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Welcome back SteamFeeders. It was another exciting week in the world of search engines and SEO - enjoy! Don't miss: Individual users are not center for local search Time for HTTPS? Directory Link Building Search by Voice and more . . . SEO Tips and Best Practices Local SEO 1. Read this article!! Great information on what is happening with local search … [Read more...]

Your SEO Insider (No. 33): “Mobile Friendly” to be Ranking Factor, URL best practices

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Welcome back SteamFeeders! A busy week in Mountain View, CA this week as Google announced the upcoming addition of "mobile-friendly" as a ranking factor, and continued with  tests and changes to other search elements. Read on for the best tips and biggest news from the world of search engines and SEO from the week of February 22nd - February 28th, 2015 Don't … [Read more...]

Your SEO Insider: Local Reviews, Web Design Mistakes, and New Mobile Search Display

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Welcome back SteamFeeders! I have reviewed almost 400 SEO and search engine related articles from over 90 SEO/Marketing blogs to come up with this week's "best of the best" in Search Engine Optimization! Enjoy! Don't miss: Local Search expert Andrew Shotland addresses common Local Optimization problems Acquiring the all important Local Review, and what to do if its … [Read more...]

Your SEO Insider: Online Reviews Infographic, Getting More Yelp Reviews, and Google Photographers

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Good morning SteamFeeders! Welcome back to another edition of Your SEO Insider. Don't miss: Online reviews infographic Getting your Yelp reviews past the "review filter" Google Trusted Photographers Interview with Local Search expert, David Mihm of Moz SEO Tips from Neil Patel SEO Tips and Best Practices Local SEO Everything You Need to Know About Online … [Read more...]

Your SEO Insider: Citation building, Link building mindset, and Google news

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Welcome back! Working on reformatting to make the Insider more user-friendly. Today's edition will be split into two sections: SEO Tips and Best Practices: practical, action oriented SEO articles SEO News: events and announcements from the world of search Don't miss: Citation building for local search how to view content like a Link Builder common pitfalls to … [Read more...]

Your SEO Insider: Outlining your SEO strategy, Better Business Bureau, and Citation Building

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Howdy SteamFeeders! That time of week again - time for the best of the best from the world of search engines and SEO! This week's list has a DIY flavor - enjoy! Don't miss: Moz's Whiteboard Friday on how to set up your SEO strategy Is the Better Business Bureau a valuable local link/citation? Looking for more citations to build your local profile? Do you have all of … [Read more...]

These Destructive SEO Mistakes Are Killing Your Customer Acquisition Efforts


Good search engine optimization is crucial for getting a digital business off the ground, but too many small business owners approach SEO with the wrong attitude. In an attempt to achieve short-term gains, many bring in consultants who try to game the system with black hat SEO tricks or stuff their websites with keywords themselves. But instead of ramping up their customer … [Read more...]

Why You Need to Focus on Your Blogging SEO Strategy in 2015


Contrary to what the naysayers have been telling us, SEO is neither dead nor dying. What we have seen over the past couple of years, however, are significant shifts in the types of content that rank higher in search engine results as a result of changes in Google’s algorithms. For example, it’s no longer acceptable for bloggers to simply stuff their articles with willy-nilly … [Read more...]

Your SEO Insider: Everything you need to know about Pigeon, Local SEO in 2015, & Link Building

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Howdy SteamFeeders! Experimenting with a new format for the Insider in 2015 - fewer featured articles, but more information on each article - let me know what you think. Don't miss: Everything you need to know about "Pigeon" -  Google's "Local" algorithm update. Overview of "Local SEO" strategies for 2015. "Good" links will help you recover from Penguin … [Read more...]