Your SEO Insider (No. 44): Ghost Referrals in Google Analytics, Facebook Reviews, and advanced Long-Tail Keywords

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Welcome back SteamFeeders! We've once again sorted through hundreds of blog posts to compile the best articles and most important announcements from the world of search engines and SEO for the week of May 17th - May 23rd, 2015. Don't miss: how to get rid of misleading referral traffic in Google Analytics setting up Facebook for reviews update on Google's "Quality … [Read more...]

Your SEO Insider (No. 43): User Experience as a Ranking Signal, Doorway Pages, Web Design and SEO

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Welcome back SteamFeeders! Get caught up on the biggest news and best tips from the world of search engines and SEO for the week of May 10th - May 16th, 2015. Don't miss: Is "User Experience" a search signal? Clarifying what constitutes a "Doorway" Page Why you need to add Video to your Content Calendar How Web Design choices can affect your SEO Google … [Read more...]

Stand Out On Search And Get Ahead of the Competition

Website Schema - Stand out from the competition

Have you ever noticed that some search results on Google stand out more than others? You know what I mean. Some reviews have stars. Some recipes have images. Some events are displayed differently on mobile, and shine compared to the competition. In fact, there are lots of different ways that data can be displayed by search engines that can help you stand out even more on … [Read more...]

Your SEO Insider (No. 42): improve CTR, building links to “About Us”, & Apple wants own Search Engine

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Welcome back SteamFeeders! Happy Mother's Day to all of the SEO mom's out there! Don't miss: are you're reviews working? write better Meta Descriptions to improve click-through-rates why you need to be building links to your "About Us" page Apple's plans to build a search engine Local Search Optimization Local Search Marketers: 83% of SEOs Believe Focusing on … [Read more...]

Your SEO Insider (No. 41): 40 Experts on Local Business Promotion, Mobile Update Winners and Losers, and PDF Optimization

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Good morning, afternoon, or evening to you SteamFeeders! Hope where ever and whenever you're reading this you, have your beverage of choice in hand, your feet up, and your focus on SEO! Don't Miss: Post-Pigeon Local Optimization Expert tips on promoting your Local Business Winners and Loser of Google's Mobile Update Optimizing PDFs for Search Local SEO 1) … [Read more...]

Your SEO Insider (No. 40): Mobile Update, Local SEO Scams, and PageSpeed [Infographic]

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Welcome back SteamFeeders! Don't miss: Mobilegeddon strikes . . .  or does it? Google warns of Local SEO scams PageSpeed tips translated into non-programmer language [Infographic] Why Local businesses need (and hate) Yelp Are you aware of the "Doorway Page" update? You need to be. Mobile SEO While recognizing and accounting for the blogosphere's penchant for … [Read more...]

All Websites Are Not Created Equal: How to choose the best option for you!


Starting your own business is not easy. Trust me, I get it. For starters (no pun intended!), you must focus on essential aspects, such as handling legal paperwork and drafting your business plan. And of course, your marketing plan, so you can start acquiring clients is not a bad place to focus your time and energy. Hands down, your most powerful online marketing tool is your … [Read more...]

Your SEO Insider (No. 39): SEO for Bing, DIY Link Building, and more Mobile news

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Good morning SteamFeeders! Less than 48 hours to Google's Mobile Algorithm update rolls out - is your site mobile friendly? This week, don't miss: SEO for Bing Link Building for DIYers Last minute Mobile Algorithm updates Acceptable NAPs (Name-Address-Phone) for Local Optimization Bing Optimization Bing is still a minor player to Google, but continues to grow … [Read more...]

The 5 Most Popular SEO Strategies For 2015


Any business owner, social media manager, or SEO consultant worth their salt knows that search engine marketing and optimization is always in perpetual motion. Marketing is changing and the ways SEO companies can optimizing your website and your content is not only evolving, but is also converging. So what are the top SEO strategies for 2015? Keep reading. At VPDM Digital … [Read more...]

Your SEO Insider (No. 38): Ranking for Multiple Cities, Best URL Structure, Content for SEO

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Welcome back SteamFeeders! Don't miss this week's top SEO articles: Ranking for multiple Cities Determining the best keywords for your SEO content How important is your URL structure new information about Google's upcoming Mobile Update Mobile Search Although there has been a lot of content written and shared about Google's forthcoming update, these articles all … [Read more...]