The Success of Your Business Lies In Twitter Cards

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Last week, Twitter’s stock soared 7.5% after they held their first ever Twitter Analyst Day, on November 12, 2014. The 140 character social network rolled out a mega 7-hour presentation, complete with 500 slides, touting their success to media and investors. What’s making Twitter so valuable? Is this stock increase a sign that Twitter’s monetization strategy is a winner, and … [Read more...]

What Is Your Social Media Value Proposition?

The Quest for Change

When it comes to your social media value proposition: What job does it help customers complete? What gain does it provide for customers? What customer pain does it address? Do the preceding three questions apply to your organization as well? Value Proposition Canvas I had the good fortune to be part of an online community of designers, MBAs, academics, … [Read more...]

SteamFeed TV (Ep.14): Ello, Facebook, & The Future of Marketing

SteamFeed TV

The SteamFeed TV panel "cooked" up some Wednesday night dishes. We chopped up Ello, Facebook, and the entire social space for that matter. Great insights and commentary from our wise yet humble panelists. Among our discussion points were: 1.  Is Facebook too big to be knocked off the pedestal? "I don't think it's impossible to knock Facebook off, but I don't think it is … [Read more...]

How-To Integrate Your Marketing


Integrated marketing communications might only be three words and twelve syllables, but this communication strategy provides a framework to unite your marketing messages. If your company does not follow the twenty five year old communication model, you are part of the majority. Typically, being part of the majority is a good thing, but not in this instance. With more … [Read more...]