• Daniel Hebert says

      Thanks for the comment Carrie!

      I remember you going through that change, you were another person that came to mind as an example. Even with a few months change, Albert Qian still mentions your old twitter handle in his #FollowFridays :P haha

  1. Kittie Walker says

    #grateful that you pointed this out to me Daniel! Nothing like making your user's lives awkward. There are so many wrinkles unique to each platform.

  2. ideagirlmedia says


    Thank you for writing this post! I thought I knew all the intricacies when I went to change, but then….nope!

    I appreciate your extra leg work. This will surely be a resource for many in the future.

    YAY – Kittie and I are featured together! :D

    Thanks for your great work, and for featuring me!!


    • Daniel Hebert says

      My pleasure Keri!

      Twitter just makes it so easy to change your name, that people don't think of the ramifications, haha :P

    • Daniel Hebert says

      Unfortunately, you're right. Unless it would automatically set-up a redirect to your new URL (for a certain period of time), and block off that username for a while.

      Thanks for the comment Cendrine!

  3. says

    Daniel, You are so right about "conditioning" people to know your Twitter handle.

    A conundrum when switching is some people's names are really hard to remember, yet a simple Twitter handle is often easier & catchier to recall. Yet we we often tweet things not related to a "business", but of who we are on a wider scale. No-one is single-dimensional… How to accommodate?! It is not an easy question or answer, huh? The broader question of Twitter handle AND then how to successfully transition…
    My recent post New Year’s… growth and renewal in 2014

  4. Narendra Kumar Pankaj says

    Thanks Daniel,

    Make people aware by repeated action is very important. “Conditioning” their mind.

    Nice tips.


    Narendra (@narenkpankaj)

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