3 Tips for Choosing a Great Twitter Header Image

Everything on the web, particularly with social media, is growing more visual. Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, and Instagram all encourage people to share their favorite photos with their communities, and it’s no wonder that last fall Twitter decided to get on the bandwagon too, unveiling Twitter header images to help users’ profiles jump off the page that much more.

But just because the opportunity to add some pop to your feed has been made available doesn’t mean that everyone has taken full advantage of it. Some people and brands are just filling that space with something relevant or nice without giving it much thought. However, since the header image takes up such prominent real estate atop your feeds, it’s worth giving it some more consideration. You can pick just the right one, or you can swap it out on a regular basis, depending on the feel of the season.

The more you think about and engage with your Twitter header image, the greater likelihood of people following suit and engaging with your feed, and in turn with your company. Here’s a look at three successful ways that some companies are using their Twitter header images to increase attention, followers, and inevitably sales:

Reinforce your branding with real beauty

Twitter Header Skyline

Photo of Skyline via Bigstock

Sometimes the most notable images are the soft-spoken and serious ones. That’s the route that Delta flies with its Twitter header image, which showcases for the airline’s nearly 450,000 followers some clear, blue skies and the back of a plan soaring through the air. The inherent beauty of this beautiful day becomes closely attached with the brand, and not the costs, hassles or delays that passengers might run into unexpectedly along the way. As its best, Delta can rely on safe travels and gorgeous weather to help escort you to your destination. That message comes across loud and clear at the top of its Twitter feed filled with helpful travel information. Get cozy.

Highlight what people know best about you

Twitter Header -Beach-Ball

Photo of Beach ball via Bigstock
For some companies, social media is not only a way to communicate directly with their customers, but it’s also a chance to set the stage for a more personal identity. Along those lines, Snapple embraces what people know best about its products — Snapple caps — and puts them front and center. You can almost hear the “pop” of the top. Thanks to the minimalist feel this header conveys, the company shows off a lighter side built around an iconic image that immediately ties back to the brand. If your company has an easy tie-in like this one from an object that cries out your company’s name or industry, it’s worth using it for the exterior header image to support your logo inside of it; the two will complement each other nicely. And that’s a fact.

Be creative with what’s possible in a small space

Twitter Header Wine-Beautiful-Grapes-Collage

Photo of Wine Collage via Bigstock
There’s so much more you can do with that open space. Many social media platforms have become known for encouraging collage, through weaving together several similar images to make an even more impressive unit. Some companies have brought this sensibility and talent to Twitter. Take Taco Bell, for instance, shows off in its header images a group of different young people eating and enjoying their takeout options. (The company also highlights a hashtag to encourage joining the conversation below.) What comes through is not necessarily the tortillas, rather the dynamic colors, different offerings, and happy customers that all fall into Taco Bell. Doing it this way, the restaurant chain has seemingly changed Twitter from a simple micro-blogging platform into something immensely visual and appetizing. Dig in.

This is a guest post by Danny Groner

Danny Groner
Danny Groner is the manager of blogger partnerships and outreach for Shutterstock, Bigstock, and Skillfeed.
Danny Groner

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