Content Marketing: 10 reasons to include infographics in your strategy

infographics-in-content-marketing-strategy-300x300If you’re a business owner or entrepreneur you won’t have missed the amount of infographics that are shared. And they can be created quickly for almost any business. But why do business owners create and use infographics in their content marketing strategy?

  1.  An Abundance of Inbound links – Infographics are not only sharable, you can also include an embed code, list your graphic on directories, and let other bloggers and business owners post them on their websites. It creates an inbound link to your site which boosts your search engine ranking.
  2.  Increase Followers and Subscribers – One potential way to use infographics is to share them on social media. You’ll be able to reach a broad audience because infographics are shared by millions each day. As more people become aware of your business and social media profile, you’ll earn more subscribers and followers.
  3. Blog Engagement – Infographics tend to generate interaction when they’re published on a blog. You can increase the interaction on your blog by sharing an occasional infographic and discussing the data shared.
  4. Relationship Building – Creating great content including infographic content helps forge a connection between you and your audience. The more value you provide them, the more they’ll interact with you and become an active member of your community.
  5. Credibility – Publishing relevant and useful infographics that educate and offer value, positions you as a leader within your niche.
  6. Branding – Infographics can and should include your voice, logo, and message within. This helps brand your business.
  7.  Scannable – The majority of people are visual learners and infographics serve them well. They’re easy to scan and provide a useful way to educate your audience.
  8.  Viral in Nature – Include an embed code in your infographic and watch it spread. You’ll see your content on Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google + almost overnight. People love to share infographics.
  9. Increased Traffic – Inbound links, improved SEO and more awareness for your brand and business all mean one thing, traffic.
  10. Multi-Purpose Content – Your infographics can expand beyond your online content marketing activities. You can use them as print material as well.

Whether you publish a brochure, book, or marketing content, infographics serve a variety of purposes and functions and bring in tremendous rewards.

Are you using infographics in your content marketing strategy?


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