Content Marketing Is Owning, As Opposed To Renting Media!

Good content marketing has become essential to drawing and keeping visitors to any Web site. Whether you’re selling plumbing supplies, trying to attract customers to your medical practice or drumming up business for your new, vegetarian restaurant, well-conceived content marketing can help you rank well with search engines, establish your reputation as an expert in your field and, most importantly, help your bottom line.

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What is content marketing?

Content marketing is the art and science of using text and visual content to promote your business without being overtly sales-oriented. Although the concept has been around since the 1930s, the use of content marketing has really exploded since the advent of the Internet, especially in the last five years.

Content marketing can be in the form of articles, blog posts, white papers or eBooks as well as visual and audio content like videos, Google+ hangouts and podcasts. In contrast to newspaper writing, which reports rather than sells, good content marketing seeks to persuade the reader to use a product or service, ideally without being asked.

Essential components to content marketing

Just writing a few words, posting them on your Website and forgetting about them isn’t enough. Good content marketing requires regular effort and attention. Below are just a few things you’ll want to remember when working on content for your Website:

Make it interesting. People who visit a new Web site decide within 10-20 seconds whether they want to stay and read what’s on the site, according to a study by the Nielsen Norman Group. That’s not very much time to make an impression. Interesting content that differs from the rehashed, re-purposed content many sites use will attract readers and make them want to return again and again.

Be consistent. A good Web site takes a regular effort. It’s not good enough to write a dozen articles, post them and forget about the site. Not only will your search engine ranking plummet, but your existing readers will get bored and stop visiting after they realize there’s nothing new to be found on your site.

Don’t forget the visuals. One of the ways you can make your content more interesting is to add vibrant images that support your text. Don’t just rely on the same free stock images that everyone else is using. Take your own photos, if possible, or at least enhance the stock images you use to make them your own.

Foster an environment that nurtures creativity in your writers. You don’t want your Web site articles and posts to look just like everyone else’s content. That requires creativity. Whether you use a staff writer, write your own posts or work with freelancers, creating an office environment that encourages “thinking out of the box” is essential.

Make use of social media. Creating profiles for your company and posting information on one or more of the more than 400 social media sites can get your company noticed in ways that are impossible with traditional print and radio advertising. A good, interesting post that readers want to “share” with their friends can cause your small readership to expand greatly as their friends share the post with their friends and their friends’ friends, etc.

Great content marketing doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time to hone your writing skills and find out what works well for your particular product and Web site. However, with a little time and effort, your writing will not only attract readers and site visitors, but will increase your bottom line.

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Randy Bowden
Randy is a Principal Partner of bowden2bowden llc, a marketing and branding consultancy firm. Specializing in developing targeted marketing solutions, exceptional creative executions and solid branding strategies that give clients a real competitive advantage. Randy writes two posts weekly here, bowden2bowden blog and is the producer and host of the interview series marketer2marketer "a conversation."
Randy Bowden

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5 Comments on "Content Marketing Is Owning, As Opposed To Renting Media!"

Keri Francek Jaehnig
1 year 8 months ago


Well said, and appropriately timed.

Writing a quality blog post isn't as simple as good copy, as you say. There's formatting, fitting links to related content, and attractive imagery that rounds out the post. The images also help with SEO, depending on what happens under the hood.

Many intricacies. Yet the phrasing and consistency bubble to the top of importance.

Thanks for sharing your wisdom!

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Branko Zecevic
1 year 8 months ago

Thanks for the post Randy!
It's probably better idea to invest more time or money in creating best possible content than to spend money on advertising. Like your title says, "content marketing is owning"!
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1 year 8 months ago

Branko, it does depend on your business model and the goal. Knowing that will lead you to the proper blend to satisfy both your customer/reader and the bottom line. Remember to pay attention to that returning person not just the new ones, it will give you the pulse of what you are doing right.

Thanks for the comment, rcb.

Frederic Gonzalo
1 year 8 months ago

Nice post, Randy, but I am not convinced about the title. I believe content marketing transcends owned, paid and earned media, in the classic sense they are usually given. Indeed, content marketing becomes a lot more meaningful for brands who invest on their owned media, i.e. blog, website, case studies, photos, videos, podcast, newsletter, etc.

However, there is nothing wrong with having your content marketing approach cross-pollinate to paid media, or "rented", where a brand can do its fair share of storytelling and steer customers towards a given call-to-action. I don't think this is in opposition to a strategy on owned media.

Great read. Thanks!

1 year 8 months ago

Fair enough Frederic but as you have stated, the idea of building meaningful and authority is the core of owned. And as I stated, take that owned media and take advantage of the many rented spaces to promote what you have created.

I appreciate the input and insight and thanks for the read, rcb.