Crowdsourced Content: Beyond Creation and Curation


Crowdsourced content is becoming increasingly popular because it offers an alternative to content creation and content curation.  No matter your niche, most companies understand the importance of a well implemented content marketing strategy.

Crowdsourced Content is King

Marketing experts claim content is king.  If that’s so, businesses need good content if they’re to keep up.  In today’s competitive marketplace, it makes sense to stay abreast of the latest trends and to be urgent in communicating those trends to your customers.  Of course, the way to communicate with your customers is through good content.

There are several very good reasons to outsource your content needs, reasons that go beyond the most common mantra:  ”Writing is hard and I don’t want to do it”.

5 Reasons to Use Crowdsourced Content

  1. Time is money.  Most business owners have little time to convert what they have learned into content for their customers.  Copywriters have the ability to create just the right content, when it’s needed.
  2. Money is money.  Hiring a dedicated writing staff can quickly add up.  Payroll taxes, health insurance, salaries.  Buying content is fast and easy.
  3. Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  Do you know best practices for getting your content to rank high on Google?  Do you really have the desire to learn?  Probably not.
  4. Professional editing.  Again, you have a business to run.  Unless you own a newspaper, chances are editing is not at the top of your skill set.
  5. Large pool of experienced writers.  Crowdsourcing allows you to pick and choose between a wide variety of writers, writing styles and subject matter.

Crowdsource for Your Content Needs

When you look at the myriad reasons for outsourcing your content needs, it would seem that crowdsourcing content is a no-brainer.  Alas, nothing in this life is simple and content is no exception.  You actually have a couple of different options to choose from when procuring content.  You can:

1.  Purchase custom created content.  In this situation, you specify your content needs and a freelance writer or agency creates the content to your specifications.

2.  Purchase pre-written content, with varying levels of privileges.  You are basically choosing between “renting” content and “owning” it.  If you choose to simple have usage rights, then you are usually instructed to not alter the content and you must list the author’s name.  Alternately, you can purchase exclusive rights to the content, which allows you to use your own name.  The benefit to the second option is that you can be assured that no one else has published the same content.

In addition to seemingly endless supply of freelance writers, there are also crowdsourcing websites that make the process a little more streamlined and smooth.  The list below features several of the more prominent sites.

 Online Crowdsourcing Resources on

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As a bonus <grin> –  I am adding a Slideshare with tips on creating content that people love, from the founder of, Nick Kellet.


Business owners are busy, but they are also savvy enough to know that content marketing is no longer a suggestion.  It is a necessity.  Fortunately, there are many options when it comes to filling blogs and websites with quality content.  We are no longer limited to creating content or curating content.

Have you ever considered outsourcing your content needs?  Are you a freelance writer who has created content for others?  If you have or if you are, or if you know of any great sites to purchase crowdsourced content, please let us know in the comments.

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Kimberly Reynolds
Kimberly Reynolds is a social media and mobile marketing consultant that transforms ordinary websites into powerful marketing machines.  A serial entrepreneur since she was 12, selling books door-to-door, she now trains small business owners on how to leverage social media and the mobile web to attain financial freedom.  If you are interested in how to use social media to outshine your competition, visit her website for a free social media analysis and social media training. Also, visit her on Google.
Kimberly Reynolds

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2 Comments on "Crowdsourced Content: Beyond Creation and Curation"

November 10, 2013

Possibly the worst advice I’ve ever seeing on Steamfeed. Crowdsourcing content results in nothing more than low quality, cheap crap “filler”. NEVER CROWDSOURCE something so important. OMG!

DJ Thistle
November 10, 2013

Randy, let me first say I think your comment is a overly aggressive. If you disagree with Kimberly I don't think you need tell everyone that this is the worst advice you've ever seen on SteamFeed. This industry is not a one-size fits all type of solution. What may work for some will not work for others. I don't believe Kimberly is referring to buying crap content. You get what you pay for.

If you bought exclusive content that concentrated on your specific niche is that much different than hiring a writer on your staff to write about the same things? You're going out and finding valuable content that your potential customers are looking for and putting it on your site. Maybe you're a business owner and you just can't write. What are your options for content marketing?

Lastly, if you're going to be so outraged by what you read here on SteamFeed you should offer up your own solutions to small business owners who want to jump in on content marketing.