Why Curiosity Kills the Crap Content

content crap curiosity killed the catYou’ve heard of the expression “curiosity killed the cat.”  But what about “curiosity killed the crap (content)”? You see, curiosity is your secret weapon when creating compelling, original content. Here’s why:

1.    It asks why

Not in a whiny-why type of way.  But in a grown up, matter of fact, refined approach. Asking “why” gets to the core of why you do what you do.

Asking “why?” reestablishes your purpose in your industry. And it allows you to think deeply about why you do what you do. This is often the spark for great content ideas – and it creates a solid framework to show thought leadership.

2.    It leads to other concepts and ideas 

When you’re curious, you’re allowed to be flexible with your thinking. You’re not confined to sticking to the status quo – or what you know. Routine is thrown out the door. So that when you create content, your fans start screaming “more!”

3.    It allows you to get organized

Too much curiosity can lead you down the rabbit hole of content overwhelm. Don’t let it. Put your thinking cap on and get organized about the tools that you need to create with your curious approach.

The Editorial Calendar plugin is stellar if you’re creating content on WordPress. You can visualize your content, and it allows you to easily see what’s scheduled. Other top-notch tools are Evernote, Dropbox, and Google Drive. They’ll allow you to get out of your own way as you curiously seize the day.

4.    It’s an emotion that represents a thirst for knowledge

When you’re passionate about what you’re creating, you’re always thirsty for more knowledge. More info. More inspiration. More ideas.

All of this good stuff gets bottled up…and it leads to…more content! Boom.

5.    It creates high-quality content

Every decision you make on your website is an editorial one. When you work with this mindset, you start to create high-quality content. And high-quality is the opposite of crap.  Yes, even decisions like using the word “crap” in a headline are an editorial decision. (I’m curious if you think it’s too crass?)

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Jessica Ann
Jessica is the CEO and Creative Director at Jessica Ann Media a boutique digital agency that humanizes businesses with creative copy and smart social media strategy. She champions the creative spirits of entrepreneurs and brands who want to find more freedom in their business through profitable, targeted traffic. She enjoys traveling, reading, running, yoga, and learning new things. She has a Masters in Communications from Johns Hopkins University and is a contributor to The Huffington Post.

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