3 Customer Experience Lessons From The Easter Bunny

The Easter Bunny has customers just like the rest of us. Only for his customers it’s all about the experience. Brands can learn a lot from this approach. According to a report from Oracle, 86% of consumers will pay more for a better customer experience. So with Easter just around the corner here are 3 things we can learn from the Easter Bunny about customer experience to help delight your customers and strengthen your brand image.


1. Provide an interactive experience

Kids just love getting involved in the Easter egg hunts and enjoying their part in the whole experience. Developing ways for your customers to interact will create an important connection and a memorable experience that people will talk about. The customer experience at my favourite gelato store(s) is so interactive that the customers actually help form part of the experience.

2. Understand your customers’ expectations

This one is a no-brainer for the Easter Bunny. We all know what they’re expecting. Chocolate and lots of it. As a result of the rise of digital and social media, customer expectations are constantly evolving. So clever brands can (and should) leverage the same technologies to gain greater insights about their customers needs and expectations.

3. Focus on improving your customers’ lives

OK, I’m going to ask you: Does enjoying chocolate improve your life? The Easter Bunny has been delivering for years, so he must be doing something right. Brands like Google and Apple are constantly developing their offering to improve their user experience and make life easier. How can you improve your customers’ lives? I once heard a story about a tow truck driver who kept a cooler full of ice cold drinks in his truck for his distressed customers to to enjoy while he was hitching up their vehicle in the hot desert sun.


Let’s face it, the Easter Bunny is a pioneer of the customer experience. If we can get your customers even half as excited about their experience as my kids are about the Easter Bunny next week you will be developing some serious brand loyalty. I hope that these 3 things we can learn from the Easter Bunny about customer experience will help to improve the experience for your customers and their relationship with your business.

Any comments? Please leave a comment below with a customer experience that improved your perception of a brand, or a story of how the Easter Bunny has delighted or surprised you. If you enjoyed this post please consider sharing it and help enhance customer experiences this Easter and beyond. Thanks for reading and sharing.

Photo Credit: Kathera via Flickr cc

Matt Crawford

Matt Crawford

Digital Media Advisor at Social Strategies
Matt Crawford is a marketing executive with an accomplished career in digital media sales. His background is in the B2B sector and he has extensive experience in retail management and hospitality. Matt has worked with national and international brands as well as small to medium enterprises to help develop effective digital marketing strategies. His down to earth approach makes it easy for businesses to communicate their objectives and consequently achieve their goals.
Matt Crawford
Matt Crawford
Matt Crawford

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