Do you have the Attitude to Succeed?

Just a few days ago, I participated in an experiment as such with some of the most awesome people that I am lucky enough to have in my social space. In the process I learned a major lesson about having an attitude to succeed.  You see, I have a social media radio show I have been doing for the past few years. Over the course of those years  I have had guest hosts, interviewed all kinds of folks, and tried many different things. This time, however, was something new. Something that I am going to continue to pursue until I get it down “pat” so to speak, or in this case down “Anne”.

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With the help of my good friend Heather Bennett, I was able to “get a deaf chick on the radio” as our friend Anne (@AnneReuss) put it. The Social Studmuffin had a great opportunity today, and Heather Bennett, Anne Reuss and I took off on an uncharted path. We got that awesome “chick” on the radio. Yeah, we stumbled through some segments, it was not smooth as silk, but there was so much knowledge Anne shared, I was grateful and honored she chose to take this risky step with Heather and I on my radio show. How can I (personally) not be humbled by the fact that Anne trusted me to make this go “right”. The three of us have been working on this for some time as I mentioned. With any faults, (all on my part) it went off, and went off with a bang. Bang that gong of success my friends.

Throughout this entire process not once did any one of us say, this isn’t gonna work, or we can’t. We were firmly stuck in “we will figure this out and get it done mode”. We all had a great time, those in the chat room included, Anne was blowing it up with quotes like ” living organism known as social media” and sharing her “super power”...listening, yeah you heard that right, the “deaf chick” knows how to listen, and I might add, she does it better than most.  I know I am not the only one who walked away feeling a wonderful sense of balance, and self empowerment. Anne Reuss is a social media ROCK star who is courageous, tenacious, and one of the most righteous people in the social space. My hat is off to you my friend, we will do this again, and again, and we will continue to improve on the process of getting that “deaf chick” on my radio show, because what you have to say is soooo relevant and important in the social media space!

Anne Reuss RULES, and my world is so much better with her being in it, and most importantly being able to call her not only a friend, but a colleague. Oh, and Heather Bennett – you my friend go beyond awesome, you go straight to awesomesauce… Blessed is a word I don’t use lightly, but when I think of these two, blessed is the first word that comes to mind. Both of you exhibit an attitude to succeed that inspires me, and other’s I am sure. It is amazing having people like yourselves in my stream everyday, but I gotta ask…..who inspires you with that attitude to succeed? 

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Listen to the The Social Studmuffin episode here 


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