Does Your Marketing Pay It Forward?

Bowden2BowdenTrust is the foundation stone of any successful relationship. If two people don’t trust each other, they constantly second guess the other’s motive and integrity. There is no opportunity for growth.

The relationship between a business and its customers is no exception to this rule. Customers can become intensely loyal to a particular brand, but only if they feel they can place their trust in that company. So the real question is, how can you make potential customers view your business as trustworthy?

The answer lies in social media marketing.

Why Is Social Media Such a Big Deal?

Social media has completely altered the face of Internet marketing. Previously, companies had to rely on emails, 1-800 numbers, and promotional events to connect with their customer base. But now, with the help of social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook, literally millions of customers are just a tweet or status update away. Twitter alone has around 500 million users.

Social media is different from most other marketing techniques because it is both simple and timely. Tweets are limited to a mere 140 characters, which means your message must be concise and relevant. People are constantly logging onto social media accounts to give and receive information, ideas, and opinions. For some, tweeting or updating their status comes before brushing their teeth or eating breakfast. In short, social media offers an immediate, dynamic, and personal way to connect with potential customers.

But How Can You Build Trust?

Many businesses grumble about the fact that they have tried this “social media thing” and not seen tangible benefit. It’s possible they have done everything right and somehow the gods of social media have simply deemed them unworthy. It is much more likely they are approaching social media marketing the wrong way.

We’ve already established social media is a completely different animal from conventional marketing strategies. It makes sense that businesses must approach it differently, as well. Traditional marketing is all about the business and the brand. It focuses on what the company has to offer and concerns itself with presenting an idea in the most appealing manner possible. To be successful in social media, the focus needs to shift to customers. People love social media because it provides a forum for sharing ideas and information. People want to be inspired, intrigued, and moved. If your company doesn’t offer content that is deemed valuable by social media users, you won’t gain a single customer.

So What Strategies Are Effective?

Being successful on Twitter is about the simple concept of paying it forward. If your company provides exceptional content, information, and insight without any brand or product flaunting, people will be drawn to it. It all goes back to that central idea of trust. When customers know they will receive interesting and relevant content from your company they are more likely to place their trust in your brand. They will want to talk about your company to their friends, family, and social media networks. Because social media is an opt-out society, users are completely in control of what brand messages reach them. Remember the core of social media is exactly that…being social. Once you establish trust, social media will become a huge boon for your brand.

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Randy Bowden
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Randy Bowden

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