You Have An Email List, Now What?

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Having an email list is important. Email marketing it is the most powerful tool you have. People give you their email expecting to hear from you. Use it wisely.  [tweet this]

email-listRead On.

You have been paying attention and you know the importance of collecting email addresses and as a result you have an email list. Now you just need to know what to do with it. First things first, take whatever you personally think about emails and let it go. Email is the preferred method of communication between customers and brands that they trust. Meaning if they have given you their email address, they are expecting to hear from you.

Email communication is again on the rise and here are some of the reasons why:

  • It gives you direct access to building a relationships with your valued customers.
  • It is the most cost effective marketing strategy for small business owners.
  • It is simple, easy to implement and provides almost immediate results.
  • Reporting options allow you to monitor and improve your campaigns.

Here are some simple tips to remember as you formulate your email marketing strategy.


People trust you with their email address and assume you will use it based on the interactions you have had in the past. For instance if they shop in your store, then they are expecting emails about purchases, sales and upcoming store events. They aren’t necessarily expecting you to invite them to the opening of another business in the area or to announce the latest fundraising campaign at your child’s school. Guard your list and use it purposefully.


Your emails should provide value. It can’t be just about the offer. Include conversation, interesting tidbits or other information that will humanize your email. Do not send one email with a ton of different offers. You know what it’s like when you put a too many options in front of people, they end up not choosing any of them for fear of making the wrong choice. That applies in email too. Make it personal, targeted on and on point.


By now you know and understand your audience, so think about when they will be reading emails. Time your emails to arrive in their inbox when they are most likely at their computers.  Evaluate your reports and play with the timing , frequency and the days of the week to give your email the best chance of being opened.


It is fast becoming a mobile world. I often read my morning email in bed prior to getting up and apparently I am not alone. What this means is your subject line needs to be short and headline news worthy. Include a secondary subject line as in the first line of your email.  Most smart phones show the subject and the first line of text – make it good.  Keep links to a minimum and make sure you are sending them to a responsive or mobile ready page. Additionally, use text at the top of the email to give your customer something to see as images load. If you have an image at the top, your customer will be staring at blank space until it loads.


Make it easy for your customer to talk with you. Remember you can’t be marketing without trying to build a relationship and you can’t be building a relationship if no one can get ahold of you. Make sure your from email address is one that is valid and monitored. I have my newsletter replies come directly to me. I often ask questions and want to carry on the coversation, so I want my subscribers to know they are talking directly to me.

Remember to create a plan. Just like blogging, it is helpful to create a format and a plan for sending emails around events in your business. Nothing is worse then starting a new promotion and realizing you didn’t send out an email. Email marketing shouldn’t be an afterthought, your email list is one of the most powerful tools you have.

Do you have an email plan for this holiday season? If not, do you intend on creating one? How has email helped your business? Let’s keep the conversation going! I will see you in the comments below.​

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  1. Hello Kim, thanks for sharing great advice on email marketing. Creating a schedule for email campaigns is a helpful tip.

    Looking forward to hearing more about Project Inside Out, too!
    My recent post Valuable Resources for Entrepreneurs – Best Online Tools

  2. Thanks Jan. It's good to see you over here. More soon on Project Inside Out. :-)

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