No Fluff, This is Social Media Explained [Book Review]

SMEcoverKeeping with the theme of the book, let’s get down to business.

How many of you know someone who’s clueless about the power of social media? Or doesn’t quite believe in it?

Or you’re curious but haven’t figured out how to start?

Or you’re one of those people who DO get it…but like to stay sharp. Don’t lose your game!

When I meet a doubter, I find myself rambling in the face of someone that still has the hint of “I’m still suspicous.” But I finally have something to come to the rescue.

Mark Schaefer’s newest book, Social Media Explained: Untangling the World’s Most Misunderstood Business Trend.

He gives it to you straight. It felt as if he was sitting across the table from me, ready to get down to business as you would appreciate. Which he’s done for many years with executives trying to understand the phenomenon, giving him clarity on exactly how to package the why and how of social media marketing into a cute 90 minute read.

So the whole “I don’t have time to read more….” argument is invalid. We might take the same amount of time reading blogs trying to put together the pieces of social media. Moving on. What else does this book offer you? I’ll follow suit and give it to you straight!

The How & Why of Social Media

Social media rose from primal reasons that date back to the first medieval marketplaces. Then things changed. But the underlying human need to connect and build relationships never truly disappeared, and the social media era was eventually born. Social media is valuable for commerce, your customers, and creating connections. Mark isn’t going to bombard you with tools and platforms. He’s going to get you to believe first.

(The social media platform primer is saved for the end.)

Ammo for the Stubborn Professionals

If you’re planning on advocating in favor of social media integration in business, great! But it’s likely you’ll run into hesitant leaders with pressing question, with “what’s the ROI??” as one of the first questions. Mark will arm you with information to take on those types of questions.

Questions To Guide Leaders Towards Action 

These are eye opening. I’m sure you’d like to get rolling – waste no time by using his questions as guidelines. Some of them include:

  1. Are cusotmer service experiences with our company positive or negative provocations? Are we creating advocates for our brand or potential terrorists for our brand when we handle complaints?
  2. What social media platforms should be in our information “eco-system?”
  3. What is the company’s rich source of content going to be?
  4. If we needed to focus and excel in one area, what would it be?
  5. What is our “only we…”?

You’ll find them at the end of every section!

The “Aha” Chapter: A Case Study Illustrating the Concepts

Do these concepts actually work? Yes they do, and you’ll be able to see it all come together in sweet harmony in the case study. Spoiler alert (but not really): A guy was able to get $47 million in new business in less than 18 months after implementing a strategy using concepts given in this book.


Mark realizes you’re busy and often face snags – from stubborn bosses to a low budget to time management – so he’s made Social Media Explained as practical and helpful to give you a competitve advantage.

Save yourself the headache and get the lowdown in 90 minutes.

Anne Reuss

Anne Reuss

Social Media + Content Marketing Specialist
A fitness-fueled digital marketer who wants you to live and market your business with grit. Addicted to adrenaline, pull-ups and social media, she's also Deaf, which has only taught her to listen abnormally well. She is a craft beer-loving social marketing manager for 360Connext, a customer experience consulting firm, and a freelance marketing consultant.
Anne Reuss
Anne Reuss

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