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As a Social Media professional, I get involved in a lot of Twitter chats. On average, the chats are interesting and I enjoy them, but, every so often, I come across one that I wish would go on past the allotted time. I wish that there were a way to manage and curate the conversation beyond the confines of Twitter or my preferred Social Media dashboard.

Nestivity Conversation
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It would seem that Los Angeles based Nestivity (@Nestivity) may have been listening.

Speaking with company founder Henry Min (@Henrymin), I got the run down on an app that has been designed to take the conversation past the fleeting moments of Twitter and into a broader conversation. Designed for Twitter users who have large following or companies looking for an enhanced solution to leverage Twitter as a customer service tool, Nestivity has created a simple and familiar environment that allows a Community or Customer Service Manager to watch the conversations, curate them and engage people as they converse around or about your brand.

Command and Control

Administration is very straightforward and easy to manage, allowing a brand owner or manager to reserve their Twitter handle as their Nestivity ID and then assign team members to manage the conversations happening. Through a variety of tabs, those managing the conversations around the brand, product or person can see it all. Trending information, direct mentions of you or the brand, Experiences, Ideas, Questions, it’s all here. The ability further develop conversations in an environment where most conversations get enveloped by the flow of new ones in mere minutes has been made very simple. From this platform you can organize and manage your followers, amplify your reach and securely archive your conversations for reference.

The User Experience

Most important is that the user side of this new app is designed to look like familiar territory, looking very much like the standard Twitter interface, only the conversations / questions that are being posted are specific to the account. It’s very clean and very simple to understand, which will make a difference to both a novice and an experienced Social Media users. Administrators create “nests” that allow users to focus their conversations, knowing that those in that nest have the same questions or answers. What’s really great is the fact that Nestivity’s plan is to use their own app to help them develop it further by creating nests that allow users to comment on what they like, don’t like, or suggest be added / removed. App developers love to get feedback from their new users, but Nestivity is taking that input and using it to moderate an entire conversation around it.


Where does it fit?

Not long ago I was talking with a client about how they could expand their customer loyalty by creating specialized environments around specific departments or products they sell. Nestivity is taking that very idea and making it a reality. Customer Service departments can now focus even more, track issues about their brands or products, based on the conversations around them, all amplified by the conversations being seen via the Twitter universe. More than anything else, people engaging with companies and brands will know that their thoughts, ideas and concerns are being seen, because their posts are being isolated into very specific spaces. It’s like a Facebook Fan Page done Twitter style.

The Roll Out.

Nestivity has adopted an almost Google Plus like BETA roll out plan, without the confusion, chaos and questions of the same. People are invited to reserve the Nestivity handles now (ideally your existing Twitter handle) but are only giving access to a select group of influencers first, during #SXSW2013 in March. Then, once these users have had a chance to experience and comment on the app, it will be rolled out to the general public by April. With the basic access going out the door for free, it’s a great deal out of the gate.

If you are a company looking for a way to grow and develop the conversations with your clients via Twitter, Nestivity is going to be an app worth taking a look at.

Sean Smith
Sean is a retired member of the Canadian Army, with over 20 years in the IT industry, ranging from IT HelpDesk to Social Media consultant. He is a Professional Speaker and Coach and is a noted Social Media community builder on Vancouver Island, as well as a regular contributor to the annual Social Media Camp held in Victoria, BC. Sean is the Head Coach with That Social Media Guy consulting, based in Campbell River, British Columbia
Sean Smith

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