How To handle Your Friends and Family That Think You’re Crazy For Starting A Business


If you are anything like me, you have experienced the glossy eyed look from your friends as you talk about your business, as if you are insane for leaving a “secure real job”. Or how about the look of concern from family members as you declared you were quitting your job to become a full-time entrepreneur.. Classic!

Now if you are getting blank stares from prospects, that is a whole other issue. But that’s not what we are talking about here. This is about how to handle you being an entrepreneur when your friends and family don’t “get it” or you for that matter.

I’m not going to lie, being an entrepreneur can be hard at times. Especially if you are learning as you go! It may be even harder if one of your “love languages” is affirming words, because not everyone is going to be patting you on the back saying “good job!”. When people don’t get your dreams, your goals, and the greater vision for your life, sometimes you will stand alone. But, being an entrepreneur can also be one of the greatest things! You have an opportunity to create a living business, create wealth and financial security, freedom, and the chance to change lives. How awesome is that?!


Many years ago when I gave my last boss my two week notice and declared to him and everyone I worked with that I was starting my own business, I got some blank stares and funny looks. But I was convinced that my calling was to be an entrepreneur and nothing was going to stop me. Even though, that first business failed, I didn’t think twice about it. I took it as a learning experience and kept moving.

Do I recommend that people should  just up and quick their jobs to start a business? No. It made things much harder than what they had to be. But before I get off topic, here is what I recommend if you are struggling with the lack of support from your friends and family…

1. Make new friends. When I started out in business, my core group of friends went their own way. Including one of my closest friends that originally wanted to partner with me in business. I’m not saying just leave your friends, but having like-minded ones is important! So, over time I made a lot of new friends (online & offline). But during that awkward transition, I realized I enjoyed hanging out with my online entrepreneur friends more than my offline friends. Was I turning into a loser?! I felt like it at first. Although nothing can replace a good face to face friendship, it is possible to have amazing friends and support from fellow entrepreneurs online. And with today’s technology, it can practically be face to face!

I also learned not to talk about my business with those friends that don’t understand. I just let them talk about themselves and they are happy. lol

2. Have a sit-down with your family. It is important to give a real effort and clearly explain to your family what you are doing. Let them know you appreciate their concern, but this is what you are doing. When your start bringing in income, that will also help put their mind at ease. I have had many talks with concerned family members in person and through emails. Just know, they are well meaning even if they don’t “get it”.

3. Seek wise counsel. This is something I wish I had done back in the beginning. It probably would have saved me a lot of stress. Because in the beginning I did join an online mastermind group with people that I thought were all like-minded. But it turned out to be a huge waste of time! That put a bad taste in my mouth about mastermind groups and so on. So I avoided stuff like for a long time.

But, there can be a huge benefit to legit mastermind groups, as well as getting a mentor or coach. Legit ones can really help give you clarity on what you need to be doing in your business, as well as not doing. Even joining a coaching group can help bring you clarity and keep you on track.

4. Be willing to do the uncommon thing and don’t be a people pleaser. If you feel like you have been called to be an entrepreneur, then you have got to have the grit and determination that you will make it and do the work that needs to be done. If you try to please everyone, you will never achieve your dreams and goals. You will end up living someone else’s desire for your life. And that just sucks!

For those that are willing to break the mold on common thinking and take control of their future, I say good for you! There is way more to life than living paycheck to paycheck. You can be successful and show all your friends wrong. But that is not the goal, the goal is to do what you’ve been called to do and do it with wisdom.

So get out there and start Ruling Your Realm in the marketplace and in life! :)

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Paul Cooley
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