Here’s Why Your Social Media Strategy (Still) Sucks

your-social-media-SUCKS-300x224Gary Vaynerchuk is a genius. I can listen to him talk about paint drying and learn something. I was watching this video about business and EFFORT, and found myself nodding along and basically screaming, “Yes. YES!”

At B Squared when we’re talking to leads we go through a LOT of questions about their business, their goals, their marketing and brand goals, and especially their social media fears. 99.99% of our potential clients say they’re scared social media will open them up to more negative comments about their brand.

Newsflash: People are going to talk about how you suck not because you’re using social media, but because you suck!

It’s About The Bathrooms, Not Facebook

Case in point: I had an owner of a bowling business in New Jersey call me begging for help one day. He had seen me speak, but was not a client. He left a message saying he was having, “major problems with Facebook.”

I figured it was a technical issue, and called the gentleman back. It turns out several ladies were complaining on his business Facebook page about the condition of his restrooms. He wanted to know what to do.

My answer: Clean the bathrooms.

We dug a little deeper and it turns out hooligans liked to tear up the bathrooms during late hours. Again, my solution was to send a staff person to the bathroom on the hour — and twice an hour during the times it was likely to be teepeed — for cleanup and inspection.

My other suggestion was to make sure he (or someone) responded to these complaints with absolute sincerity, and promptly (aka: NOT two days, or even 8 hours, later).

facebook in the tub

Follow Up (Again & Again)

My last and possible biggest piece of advice to the bowling center owner was to follow up with these ladies. Leave a note at the front desk saying to page you when they come in; give a phone call to the ladies; write them a heartfelt apology letter and ask if the situation has been made right since the solutions were put in place.

Plenty of people say they’re going to fix something and don’t. Or maybe they do fix the problem but then don’t reach out to ask how the solution is working. Just because YOU think you’ve solved the problem, doesn’t mean you’ve actually done it the way the customer expects.

Check and double check! It’s not only good customer service, it shows you care – and that’s hard to come by!

ALWAYS Be Listening

I know this seems like common sense. Everyone THINKS they’re listening to what their clients, or audiences, want. However, with a quick look-see I easily found places where online & social marketers were not listening to what their customers were saying.

These are actual posts from actual Facebook pages (that use lots of memes, puzzles and other non brand-related tactics):

please stop being stupid comment


And another:

stupid letter games

Notice how the first post got no response from the page administrator? And when the admin did decide to respond, they did nothing to show they were listening? It’s clear the owners of this page are only after ‘Likes’ and shares, and not trying to convert their fans to paying customers, or to get them involved with brand-related events and items.

What are YOU doing to listen? And are you REALLY listening to what your fans and followers are telling you?


I’m afraid if you’re still using social media the way YOU see fit that your strategy probably (still) SUCKS.

Granted, we can’t be all things to all people all of the time. However, if you really sit back and ask yourself whether you’re catering to your fans and followers or to what YOU want to talk about, you’ll probably be surprised at what the honest answer is.

What’s your take on sucky social strategies? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

See you in the social sphere!

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Brooke Ballard
Like many of you, Chief Digital Strategist and Founder of B Squared Media, Brooke Ballard, has seen a fundamental shift in business due to social media. How do businesses take advantage of this? Where do they start? Is social media for everyone? In-the-trenches online media experience helps B Squared Media answer these questions for companies seeking to formulate successful social strategies. Using tactics developed in her yearlong honors thesis study, Brooke helps bright and innovative entities develop social strategies around content, community, conversation, collaboration, and conversion. Simply put: Think Conversation, Not Campaign.™ Click here to subscribe to my mailing list
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  1. says

    "My answer: Clean the bathrooms." …I genuinely laughed pretty hard when I read this Brooke. Sometimes people overcomplicate things. If people are complaining about your bathrooms being dirty on Facebook then clean your damn bathrooms!

    • b2brookeballard says

      Agreed. I think people who don't having any sort of marketing background think that social media has some sort of "magic" element … but the more I hear (complaints) the more I'm starting to realize that much of it is just plain 'ol good business, great customer service and simple common sense that is missing!

  2. says

    I think negative comments can be a good. thing, Case in point, one of my clients recently received a comment about staff being rude, the owner called me and wanted to know what to do. My advice was to sit tight for a few minutes and see what happens, well within a few minutes the community responded with a lots and lots of positive comments about the staff. The comments were not mean, but merely pointed out that they were at the establishment as well and received wonderful service.

    I explained to the owner that what happened was the result of two years of hard work building a engaging and awesome community.

    • b2brookeballard says

      I've seen this happen as well. Gerry! And what a wonderful feeing that is, right?! I think when people take the time to care about their customers — online or in real life — it will show in everything that they do, and the customers will go above and beyond (just like the staff or business owner) to protect that relationship or community.

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