How Do I Get More Facebook Likes?

Updated on 8/29/13 with the most relevant information on how to increase your Facebook Likes on your fan page.

Are You Sitting There Staring at Your Brand Page Wondering How to Get More Facebook Likes?

This article will take you through a few tips that you can use to increase your Facebook likes and grow your social media presence:

Grow Facebook Likes
Grow Facebook Likes via Sean MacEntee

Note: Before we get started you need to know that just because you have a lot of Facebook likes doesn’t mean that they have any value. What I mean by this is if you’re not updating and engaging with your community on a consistent basis then you really don’t have a community. Make sense? Good, let’s move on.

Ask Your Friends & Family to Like Your Page

This is a great way to get the ball rolling if you’re just starting out. Your friends and family should be supporting you so don’t hesitate to ask them.

Note: If you’re managing a Facebook account for a client then this not a good idea because those people will most likely not be your client’s target market.

“Reminder. Inviting your entire friends list to your latest clients new fanpage is really bad form! Especially local businesses out of area” – Robert Caruso

Start A Blog and Let Your Readers Know You’re On Facebook

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Starting a blog is one of the fastest and most trusted ways to not only keep your customers up to date on your brand but it’s also a great way to land new potential customers. Blogging also opens up the potential to network with other like-minded industry professionals, which could lead to future sales. If you write well, are passionate, and you’re knowledgable about your industry then a blog is right up your alley.

Start A Marketing Campaign on Facebook

For as little as $5 a day you can target the people you want to like your page. You can filter the ad by age, sex, location, and keywords, to ensure you’re targeting the right people. Even though it costs money upfront to get these likes these are all potential customers if you set your filters correctly when creating your ad.

Note: This is much different than buying likes. More on that later. :)

Increase Your Engagement So That Others Will See Your Brand

The more people that like and comment on your updates the more your brand will show up in their timeline, which will allow their friends the opportunity to like your page as well.

How do you increase engagement on your posts? Let me tell you.

1. First get acquainted with updating your Facebook page. You can update your status, add a photo, or video. You can also add an offer, event, or milestone (you may want to hold off on these until you’re more comfortable with using your Facebook page).
2. Images have a higher rate of engagement. So find the perfect image to add onto your update.
3. A lot people find that quotes are a big hit with their audience.
4. Make sure you’re posting a good mix of plain text, images, and links. Don’t always post the same thing.
5. You can ask people to share and like you updates (don’t do this too often because it can become annoying quickly).
6. Use the Optimal Amount of Characters In Your Update

My friend Peg Fitzpatrick wrote a great post called “Social media post length? Use the proper size for the win” where she explains the optimal amount of characters you should use in your social media updates.

“Although Facebook has been very generous in their character allotment the most popular posts are shorter. Per Facebook Best Practices: “Posts between 100 and 250 characters (less than 3 lines of text) see about 60% more likes, comments and shares than posts greater than 250 characters.”

7. You can remind (remind is the key word here. If you spam they’ll be consequences) your community that if they want to make sure they get your updates they can check the “Get Notifications,” “Show in News Feed,” and/or “Add to Interests Lists” (Get Notifications seems to be the option that people are leaning towards).

How To Get More Facebook Likes

This is what happens when a subscriber adds your brand on an interest list
What happens when I subscribe to a list?
When you subscribe to a list, that list will get added to the Interests section of your bookmarks. When you click on the name of the list, you’ll see a feed of the posts and activity from the people and Pages on that list. You may also see highlights from this list in your main news feed.

Run a Facebook Fan Only Giveaway Contest

If you have a product or service that you’re willing to give away and believe your target community would find value in then you may want to run a Facebook Giveaway Contest to increase your likes.

Jeff Bullas wrote a great post called “15 Steps For Creating A Successful Social Media Giveaway Contest” that should help you get going.

Make Sure You’re Using Mobile

You should definitely download the Facebook app on your smartphone and if you’re feeling really crazy you can check out the new Facebook home.  Staying connected through mobile will allow you to be able to respond to your fans in real time wherever you are. Or maybe inspiration hits while you’re on the road. Just pull out your phone and post that amazing thought or beautiful sunset for your fans to see.

Use Text Messaging

Do you speak in front of crowds?

You can have people send a text message to 32665 (FBOOK) with the words “like yourusername” (no quotations needed) for them to automatically like your page. For example you could say: “Text FBOOK with the words like steamfeed”

Like Me Like You
Like Me Like You via BigBuzzMedia

Do Not Do The Following To Grow Your Facebook Page

1. Do not like someone’s page with the expectation of them liking you back. This is lame and frowned upon.
2. Do not buy likes. If you do that’s all you’ll get. You won’t get engagement or sales. It’s a waste of money and highly frowned upon. It’s also against Facebook’s terms of service.
3. Do not update all of your social media accounts all at once. Facebook and hashtags don’t go together.


How Do Facebook Users Feel About Brands Anyway?

Lab42 Market Research
Courtesy of: Lab42


Do you have any tips and tricks to increase Facebook likes? I would love to hear them in the comments below!

DJ Thistle

DJ Thistle

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DJ Thistle
DJ Thistle

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