How I’m Marketing My Upcoming Event Through Social Media

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Event marketing is relatively new to me, but in building my upcoming event, the Silicon Valley Story I’ve been learning a little more about using social media to build buzz. The event is still more than a month away but I thought starting early would be extremely beneficial in building momentum and creating an engaged audience. I’m still climbing the learning curve but I’ve already had some takeaways:

1) Content Calendars – I wrote about content calendars a month ago for SteamFeed and I have been using one for my upcoming event on the blog that I am using. Content calendars have kept me in line and have allowed me to send through consistent posts to Facebook and Twitter where I’ve received over 300 click-throughs within the first 10 days of the event.

2) Get out there – Getting an event out on social media requires keeping attention and getting yourself out there. In the time that I’ve done this, I’ve been posting to places I usually wouldn’t – Yelp events, local newspaper event directories, and even LinkedIn, where I lurk but rarely ever say anything. On my college’s alumni network specifically my post even trended to the top for the week, which was unexpected but awesome.

3) Talk to People – Social media includes socializing, and that’s what I’ve been doing as well. Part of social media includes social networking and in talking to people I’m able to exhibit the passion and interest for this event that otherwise could not be done over text. I’ve created event invitation cards which link back to our Facebook page and Eventbrite page.

4) Scheduled Posts – Scheduling posts is also a big thing for me as I try to market my event. I use BundlePost, the product that fellow steamfeeder Robert M. Caruso developed and putting that out there allows me to spend more time doing what I do best – engage.

The Silicon Valley Story

What tips do you have for building buzz for events over social media? I’d be curious to hear what you’d have to share after reading what I have done so far.

The Silicon Valley Story will be held January 16th, 2013 at the Sunnyvale Art Gallery & Cafe in Sunnyvale, California. Entrepreneurs Mark E. Sackett (Reflecteur, Art of Active Networking) and Julia R. Hull (BundlePost, Perfect Networker) will be our keynote speakers and advocating for healthy networking, connecting with others and helping others do better. Join us for a night of connecting, reflection and collaboration. Early bird tickets are here.


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Albert Qian
Albert Qian is a social media professional working, living and playing in Silicon Valley. He got his start in social media by working for Santa Clara University and jumping into Facebook pages in May 2009. Ever since, he has been engrossed in social media, marketing, program management and consulting for small businesses, Fortune 500 companies and individuals looking to learn more social media. On his free time, he enjoys hiking, bowling, eating out at new places and traveling. You can learn more about him on his blog.
Albert Qian


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  1. I especially like the one about getting out there. I have to admit, I myself am a little guilty of sticking to the things that I'm familiar with. I'm working on putting myself out there more and joining conversations in places other than my favorite blogs and networks.

    As for tactics on creating buzz around an event, I would create an event-specific hashtag. Not only will it build buzz and curiosity, but it will make it easier to track conversations about the event. Plus, it will also allow people to participate remotely.

  2. DJ — Agreed! :)

    Albert — HubSpot has an excellent guide on using hashtags. Check it out here:

    Hope this helps! :)

  3. You could also try using a service like to help get the message out. I don't know if they offer a free service but I saw them at the Miss Universe pageant and it was very cool.

  4. Good points here Albert. Running an event is always going to be stressful from planning right through to execution.

    Engaging with your audience is key these days in the online world, whether its connecting on social or simply getting yourself out in the front of your customers! It can be tricky knowing the best way to publicise an event online, once you've done twitter, facebook and a few other channels you start running out of ideas. We realised event organisers wanted a solution and decided to build a service that helped them publish their events on 30 sites to an audience of over 50m!

    With our knowledge and verified publishers it's a real time saver and gives fantastic value. Check us out at and see if we can't take some of the stress out of event organising :)

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