How to Decide Which Membership Plugin Is Best For You

I often get asked my opinion by prospective clients on which plugin is best for membership sites, and every time I quickly respond, ” I don’t know”. This is because they are asking the wrong question. It is not which membership plugin is best. The question is what membership plugin is best for you.

I did a quick search as I was writing this post and there are approx. 125 membership plugins in the WordPress Plugin Repository. This doesn’t even include some of the premium membership plugins out there.

which membership plugin is best

With so many membership plugins out there to choose from, let’s break down some of the questions to consider when selecting one.

First question:

Do you have money to spend on one?

If not then we have automatically cut your search in half because you can either select a free plugin, or premium (paid one).

Second Question:

Will you be charging money for your users to access their membership?

Third Question:

Will you need to restrict access to pages or posts?

Fourth Question:

Does your site need to integrate with WooCommerce or other shopping cart function?

Fifth Question:

Will you need a drip campaign or other auto-responder type configuration?


These are just a handful of questions to ask yourself as you are selecting a membership plugin, or trying to tell your developer what you want out of your site.

If all that wasn’t confusing enough check out this super awesome and handy infographic by Chris Lema. He breaks down the questions above as well as suggest which plugins are effective for each type membership site.

I’d love to know what plugin you are currently rocking on your membership type and why you like it. Leave me a comment below!


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