How to Make Your Content Come to Life

evolution of content coming to life
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Quality content always wins. But what’s media got to do with it?

Think of the media as your stage. And content is your actor.

You can dress up your actors and make them look pretty. But if they lack talent, no one will pay to see a mediocre performance.

High-quality content coupled with SEO is like the A-list stars. They have lasting impact. And you never have to worry they won’t perform well.

The good news is this: if you dress up your content, your stage can exist anywhere online. High-quality content brings a packed audience to your stage – whichever type of media you choose.

Here are a few tips for how you can make your content come to life:

1.  Build a strong stage with a blog

The stage is the hub of your actor’s performance. It needs to be strong. And it needs to be memorable. Self-hosted blogs are the most robust. If you’re using free hosting, spend an extra few minutes (and a few extra dollars) to incorporate your blog into your business website. You’ll end up with more traffic, and better results. If you’re not great with technology, you’ll want to hire a web developer who can help. The consistent support while you’re bringing your content to life will take you far. 

2. Write for the Right Audience

An R-rated performance will not go over well with a G-rated audience. Your customers will either think they’re in the wrong theater. Or they’ll think you’re playing the wrong role. Neither situation is ideal.

Before you start creating any content, you’ll want to use marketing personas to clarify the customers in the seats. You’ll need to ask the right questions so that you can dive deep and get insights into the valuable details about your customers. Knowing their motivations to buy, and where they hang out online will ensure that you write for the right audience.  Getting the big picture as to their content consumption habits and their social media habits will allow you to make sure they’re in the seat while you’re content is performing.

3. Embrace Content Marketing

Content marketing humanizes your business and builds trust, while fulfilling the needs of your customers at each stage of the buying process.  There are many reasons why you should publish quality content. The goal is to attract and assist your customers in a way that comes naturally.

4.    Be Strategic with Your Social media

Think of social media as the costume and makeup – the afterthought that typically gets discussed after the actors are chosen. You wouldn’t choose the costumes and makeup before your actors are cast, would you? It strategically doesn’t make sense.

Businesses who use social media – but don’t have a blog or a strategy – are putting on makeup without a face. You can find places to apply it – but it won’t look quite right. Sure, you can curate your way to quality content. But think of curating as more of a short-term approach. You’ll need a higher-level strategy to truly succeed.

And succeeding with social media is possible. 78% of salespeople using social media outsell their peers. So…how can you make this statistic work in your favor?

Make sure you’re using social media in a meaningful way – and that it serves a broader purpose. If you’re one of the many businesses that create a Facebook page or a Twitter account and think you’re “doing social media,” you’ll need to rethink that approach – especially if you want to be a part of that 78% statistic.

5. Tell Your Story in Multiple Ways

Stories attract, engage, and convey authenticity in a way that facts alone cannot always provide. The four key ways to tell your brand’s story are important to remember. You’ll need to create for journalists, search engines, customers, and social media. Make your content special by tailoring each piece of content for that particular platform.

6.    Build Links

One of the many benefits of the digital era, is the ability to link to articles or references that illustrate your point. You can provide more depth into an idea or topic without rambling on. And it also provides SEO benefits. Whether you build links internal to other pages in your site, or you add links to other relevant external sources, it’s a smart way to keep your content alive.

7. Make Multimedia

Longer-form multimedia content like podcasts, videos, and webinars should not be underrated. These types of content often bring depth to an otherwise one-dimensional brand.

8. Communicate clearly

Illustrate your point with analogies or metaphors. Using words and descriptors that create visual pictures in the minds of your audience brings a concept to life, while bringing your content to life in the process.

How do you bring your content to life? Please comment below. 

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