How to Spring Clean your Social Networks

What better time to take stock of your major social networks and do a little spring cleaning.  While we should be doing this at least monthly, having a tight clean social network account generally ends up in the trunk for most.

This is really good time to flush out your Social Networks.  You want to flush out inactive and unsavory users that you’re following, have in circles, and yes your “friends” that have fallen off the map.


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After you run through these steps below your Social Networks will once again have that new car smell.


You’ll definitely have to get out the vacuum to clean up Twitter.  Followers come and go, but Twitter continues to grow and you definitely want to be active.  If you’re going to be active you want to stay abreast of the users in your world.  You can use the free version of Tweepi to unfollow users efficiently.

Here are some suggestions for Twitter cleanup:

Unfollow anyone that doesn’t Follow You – Give them two weeks to follow you back.  If they don’t follow you back within two weeks, it’s not happening.  Many users aren’t on top of following back, so don’t lose sleep over it, and don’t take it personally.  Just smile and unfollow.

Unfollow users with no activity over the last 30 days – There is no reason to follow users that aren’t active.  They may have a big title and be Joe Important, but if they’re not active on Twitter they’re of no use to you.  Feel free to shorten the time to 14 days if needed.

The premium version of Tweepi offers cleanup of tweeps with no bio description, and tweeps with the dreaded default egg avatar.  Please, anything but the egg.

You can also force inactive Followers to unfollow if you so desire.


As colossal as Facebook is there are no bulk type tools to seamlessly remove your friends.  If you’re on SteamFeed reading this article it’s likely your friends include more than your family and local buddies.

Profile > Friends Box > Hover over Friend Button > Unfriend

It’s not sexy, but it’s a list you should clean up especially if you’re over 1000+ friends.  As you scroll down the list you’ll find the friends that you’ve had little or no contact with at the bottom.  If you have no clue who they are and don’t recognized their face, they might be a good candidate to unfriend.

As long as you’re there check and adjust the settings of friends that you want to see more of or less of moving forward.

Google Plus

Like Facebook, the Google Plus ceiling is 5000.  Once you have 5000 users in your circles you can’t add more until you remove users.  So if you’re active this will creep up on you from time to time.

Again you want to go after the inactive users.  One month of inactivity on G+ is a good time to target.  Below are two Chrome extensions that will work well for cleanup.

Circloscope Free (Inactives+) Formerly known as Uncircle Inactives+ this Chrome extension allows you to unfollow inactives base on date of last activity.

Circloscope Free (Uncirclers+) Previously known as Uncircle Uncirclers+ this Chrome extensions allows you to unfollow users that didn’t reciprocate circling you.

A relatively painless way to spring clean your top Social Networks, but definitely worth the time and effort.

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Steven Hughes

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