How To Improve Your Facebook Marketing With Instagram

Instagram_reflect_icon-15 Ways Adding Instagram Could Improve Your Facebook Marketing

Why would adding Instagram improve your Facebook marketing strategy?

A question small business owners and entrepreneurs might ask.  Fairly so.  Many are hesitant to add more to their social media plates.  But by the end of this post, it should be evident that Instagram could bring more social engagement, and results, than weigh down the social media to-do list.

Facebook’s Pay To Play

It isn’t a secret.  Many Facebook Page managers have been talking recently about decreased organic reach, and the push by Facebook for more advertising spend from marketers.  Facebook is a business.  It is their right to make money.

For the big brand, not such a huge deal, as they have probably been assigning a budget to Facebook Advertising for some time.  Facebook Marketing for small business is a different story.  For the small and even medium sized brand, it is more daunting that the same efforts of some months ago renders severely lower results.  Assigning a budget for Facebook ads could mean tough compromise.

So, doesn’t it make sense to entertain Facebook marketing ideas that are cost-effective and could build your online community as a stronger asset?

How To Improve Your Facebook Marketing With Instagram

1. Get In While The Gettin’s Good

First, Instagram is owned by Facebook, so it’s easy.  Second, Instagram is still relatively young with not as much social noise as other platforms.

Developing connections and nurturing relationships on Instagram is less difficult than on other platforms.  There is some great traction to be gained here.  Some already have it on their list of Facebook Marketing tools.

2. Visual Candy

Literally.  In so many ways!

Not only are people sharing what they had for dinner and dessert, they are sharing what happens in their lives — In every color of the rainbow.  The filters make even the worst photographer look good.

To top that off, you can choose photo or video.  So the medium is intriguing all by itself.  Add a collage creation app to your mix, and the options for visual content presentation are…simply delicious!  :)

3. Cross Pollinate Your Audience

Instagram allows you to syndicate to the following social networks:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Tumblr
  • Flickr
  • Foursquare
  • Weibo
  • Mixi
  • VKontakte

As well as Email.

Many people utilize at least three of those on the list, so it is easy to share content across your favorite social platforms.  In turn, you can cultivate conversation around a great image or video.  

Take a look at the example of a photo syndicated from Instagram to Facebook.  Facebook makes it easy for friends to find each other on Instagram.  Once a friend or follower hops over to Instagram, a new type of conversation could be triggered, and even friends of their friends may find you and begin interacting with your brand.

Instagram To Facebook Syndicated Example

As time goes on, attracting new friends and followers naturally occurs if your content is attractive.  So, great opportunities to develop and nurture relationships that make a difference to your online community, and thus, your brand awareness.

Be responsive and continue to share great visual content and your journey on Instagram could lead to increased sales and revenue.

Because Facebook and Instagram go so easily hand-in-hand together, it is why Instagram is really one of the top Facebook Marketing apps.

4. Hashtag Magic

While Facebook users, in general, are not quite yet keen on the use of hashtags, they are used quite heavily on Twitter.  Instagram easily syndicates to Twitter, so using hashtags is a great way to get more attention for your visual images.

Even better, hashtags are quite popular on Instagram.  Using them is a great tool to attracting new followers.  It is also easy to search hashtags to find new connections with people and brands.

Hashtags are used more frequently on Facebook as more people syndicate from Instagram using them.  So, simply by using hashtags, you make your content more accessible to others.  This optimizes your content for Facebook marketing.  Try clicking on a hashtag and see what happens…

Hashtag magic! :)

Hashtag Tip: Use up to three hashtags if you are putting them into the text of your original Instagram post.  Avoid being the “over-hashtagger” by using key hashtags for your niche, but not so many that you overwhelm your followers.  Put hashtags in a separate comment to stay searchable, yet neat.

Sharing From Instagram From Facebook Example5. Presto Chango 

The settings on Instagram allow you to syndicate to either your personal Facebook Profile or a Facebook Page.  For small business owners, this is great, because it’s a direct connect to your Facebook Page, should you choose.

By going into your Instagram settings, you can choose which you prefer.  The savvy marketer will remember this.  Later, out at an event, they may take a more personal photo.  Just a quick click of that button lets you share to your personal friends and followers on Facebook when you share that image.  It’s classic choice in messaging.

Presto-Chango — How’s that for flexibility in Facebook marketing?

Gram-ing It Together

While some are hesitant to add another social network to their social media marketing mix, it is time to diversify social portfolios.  Instagram is a friendly portal…

  • Get in
  • Serve visual candy
  • Cross-pollinate
  • Perform hashtag magic
  • Presto-chango to your advantage

Now is the perfect opportunity to use Instagram as a Facebook Marketing tool.

Over To You

Do you think you will try Instagram?  Why or why not?

If you are already on Instagram, what have you enjoyed about it so far?

Can you see opportunities to enhance or improve your Facebook marketing with Instagram?

Please share your thoughts in the comments box below!  :)

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