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  1. Good post. My research also shows that the reach on Instagram photos posted to a Facebook Page is much higher than if the image is posted directly on Facebook. Videso do even better.

  2. Thanks for explaining the value of Instagram. I am used to Pinterest and focus most of my efforts there. It makes sense to incorporate Instagram in my Facebook posts instead. Great article.

  3. Great article Keri and you are right to suggest that businesses should get the jump on the network now before it becomes over crowded and over commercialised. I think the real return on investment will only come once Instagram Ads are available for everyone however now is the ultimate time to quickly build targeted followers and to fine tune the content strategy used.

    Out of interest Keri what brand have you seen that is using Instagram the best in your opinion?
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  4. As soon as I get a better phone with more memory I will be using Instagram again. The memory on my current phone doesn't allow for much in the way of photo storage :('s

  5. Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Google+ this social media has become such a maze but those who can master it in their online marketing campaign will be able to "amaze". Thank you Keri for adding to our understanding and mastering of this growingly critical skill to online marketing. I wonder what you think…will Pinterest or Instagram win this latest battle in social media and will google+ succeed Facebook as the social media of choice?

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