Why is James Ellis Dominating Facebook?


Have you seen the viral videos that he’s posting in your feed yet? I shared one of his videos in our SteamFeed Facebook group the other day (regrettably) . It seems like his videos are popping up all over the place this weekend.


This guy has over 1.3 million Facebook fans! He’s absolutely crushing it. https://www.facebook.com/JamesEllisFitness <– see for yourself.

Is James Ellis Gaming the System or Is Facebook In Need Of  An Algorithm Tweak?

Posting Viral Videos Without Attribution

One major problem is he’s ripping popular videos off of YouTube from the original creators then posting them with this attribution “***VIDEO FOUND ONLINE. All Credits to Video Owner”



It appears he’s building a Facebook empire off of stolen content.

The real question is why is Facebook allowing him to become so popular and dominant in our feeds?


According to Facebook:


Facebook has a policy on this and he’s getting significant attention so it’s not like they don’t know about it. Some users are starting to get annoyed that he’s getting away with this.




The Importance of Giving Proper Credit:

It’s not okay to post content in it’s entirety without giving proper credit that you haven’t created for the purpose of growing your own audience and making money.

“…you cannot post a full music video or another popular YouTube video just to get a lot of views on your channel and say that you fall under fair use because you are trying to start a conversation.” – Social Times on the Fair Use

CIS Fair Use Legal Experts Answer Fair Use Questions – Stanford Center for Internet and Society

What’s your take? Is James a marketing genius or a thief? Leave your comments below.

UPDATE: His Facebook page is now showing some form of attribution (no links and possibly not the real source) to where he’s getting the videos from. It appears that he’s uploading new videos with credit and going back into his old posts and editing them.


Images via James Ellis, Marcy Massura

DJ Thistle

DJ Thistle

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DJ Thistle
DJ Thistle

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