Kicking Facebook to the Curb: Why Pinterest is Good for Business

why pinterest is good for business

Did you know: 69% of online consumers who visit Pinterest have found an item they’ve purchased or wanted to purchase?

Compare that to only 40% of visitors to Facebook.

Those are compelling numbers and only one reason in many why Pinterest is good for business.

Why Use Pinterest as a Marketing Tool?

In data compiled by Wishpond, statistics shared by businesses actively using Pinterest as a marketing tool are quite staggering. Especially when you consider the infancy of the platform.

Seeing that Pinterest was launched a mere three years ago, its growth and opportunity as a lead and revenue-generating tool is remarkable. While it still remains a predominantly female audience, Pinterest is proving the power of visual appeal.

Consumers and Pinterest

Now the third largest social network, the average Pinterest user is spending ninety-eight minutes per month on the site.

Reasons for using Pinterest vary from entertainment to collecting favorite items. However, the telling stat among users is the one that again proves Pinterest’s value over its competitor Facebook.

70% of users state that they use Pinterest to get inspiration on what to buy while only 17% of those surveyed could say the same about Facebook. Now that’s a stat businesses need to stand up and take notice of!

Brands and Pinterest

25% of the Global 100 companies can now be found on Pinterest. Walmart, Volkswagen, Toyota and other big names are now actively using Pinterest to network and engage with consumers and for one such company, the results are astounding.

In 2012, Sony released their findings, stating that they saw:

  • An 800 percent increase in traffic to the Sony website from Pinterest
  • 2.5 times more traffic to their website homepage from Pinterest versus Twitter
  • Ten times more clicks to their “Pin-it” button as opposed to their “Tweet This” button

Reflecting on numbers such as Sony’s, you have to wonder why any business would hesitate in diving into Pinterest marketing. The simple truth is that many business owners still struggle to find value.

Take a look at the additional stats in the EConsultancy study and compiled into the Infographic below by Wishpond for more reasons to get pinning!

Why Pinterest is Good for Business

→ 43% of the Pinterest users access the network to connect with retailers or brands which they share the same value with. By comparison, only 24 of the Facebook users have this mentality.

→ Pinterest pins featuring prices receive 36% more likes than the ones without. This shows the large interest of network’s users in purchasing companies’ products.

→ Pinterest owned 17.4% of the social media revenue (for e-commerce) in April 2012, even though it was launched only recently to the market. This is proven by a recent Convertro study, which took into account various top clients and businesses.

→ Bottica found that Pinterest users tend to spend twice as much as the Facebook users ($180 vs $85 according to average estimates).

→ Pinterest users are highly loyal and spend a lot of time on the network. The average user spends no less than 98 minutes per month browsing the site, while a U.S. user spends as much as 1 hour and 17 minutes for the same period.

How are you using Pinterest to market your business? Give me your top tip in the comments below and make sure to connect with me on Pinterest!

Kicking Facebook to the Curb: Why Pinterest is Good for Business

Infographic source: Wishpond

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