Leveraging Social in Sales with Kitedesk

You are a sales person with a large company. Your day is spent working in your CRM, making calls and looking for opportunities. As you surf the industry mags, online, you see an interesting article about a new company that you know fits in your sales target. You look at the website and then it happens. You think “I wonder if I know anyone at this company, that can help me get my foot in the door?” Before today, you would dive into your CRM, search your cards and databases, maybe even reach into your LinkedIn and other Social channels. No more. Today, you see an icon in the top right corner of you browser that let’s you know that you are connected to someone in this company. You’ve just leveraged your Social in Sales, thanks to Kitedesk.

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Skip the Data Input

One of the things that sales people hate is the lead data gathering and input, into their CRM. It consumes time that can better be spent talking with new clients and following up with potential leads in your pipeline or acting on actionable relationships. Kitedesk integrates with CRM’s, like SaleForce, and allows you to discover your connections with potential client companies, by the simple click of an icon that shows the Social Connections you have with the people in that company. If you are a LinkedIn user, a Kitedesk decoration, right in your LinkedIn app, shows you if you have a connection that you can act or if someone within your network can help make that connection. Click. That data is now in your CRM.

Leave the Prospecting to the Miners

Easily one of my favourite features in Kitedesk is the Lead Search. Input up to 12 different criteria in this search feature and let Kitedesk scour your Social and CRM connections to see if it can find just the right person for you to reach out to. Similar to LinkedIn, you can use KiteDesk to request an introduction to another person, only this app has a much more personal touch, allowing you to start building a relationship rather than making an awkward digital cold call. Watching this tool in action is a treat, with data generated quickly and cleanly in a very simple interface. Even an Old School Salesperson will see the value in this feature.

Dave’s Not Here, Man

We have all done it. Reach out to a contact you have in a company, only to find out that that person moved on….6 months ago. The Sales Trigger feature in KiteDesk helps you avoid that embarrassing moment of silence on the phone. When a contact makes a move to another company or another job, you can get a notification letting you know that this person, in your wider network, has moved. Now you can be the first to reach out and continue your relationship, by sending a congratulations note or striking up a conversation about that new position.

More Than Just Sales

Because KiteDesk is about relationships, it is not just limited to sales. Marketing, Support Services, even HR, can make good use of this integrated application. Marketing people can reach out with events and promotions, Support people can review quick notes to follow up with clients and let them know that you are there and listening. HR ┬ápeople are able to shuffle the Social Deck and find the right people to approach with a new career opportunity. Even management can get into the game and see who on their team has the widest Social Reach and is leveraging it to the company’s advantage.

More than anything else, you can see that KiteDesk allows you to regain one of the most important commodities that companies lose on a regular basis; Time. Time wasted flipping through the digital rolodex or trying to connect the dots in a relationship pipeline. Now this valuable time can be used for what is really important. Closing the deal.

Sean Smith
Sean is a retired member of the Canadian Army, with over 20 years in the IT industry, ranging from IT HelpDesk to Social Media consultant. He is a Professional Speaker and Coach and is a noted Social Media community builder on Vancouver Island, as well as a regular contributor to the annual Social Media Camp held in Victoria, BC. Sean is the Head Coach with That Social Media Guy consulting, based in Campbell River, British Columbia
Sean Smith

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