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being social over the summer
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Memorial Day is often time the kickoff of summer, at least here in the United States. The warm weather, crack of the baseball bat and simmering sound of meat on the barbecue is usually a sign that winter has finally ended, spring is here and going quickly, and before anyone knows it, beaches, ice cream, and lazy Saturdays by the pool are in full swing.

Whether you’ve been out of school for awhile or just graduated, staying networked and staying social is a part  of your modus operandi. While we are in the season of vacations, don’t let your social media – online or offline – take a vacation. In fact, here are some quick and easy tips to consider as you sip on that lemonade: 

  • Schedule your posts in advance: If you’re a HootSuite user you can schedule up to 100 posts at a time, either over Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. Fellow SteamFeeder Robert M. Caruso (@fondalo) is the founder of a great tool that allows you to get your content out and organized, called BundlePost. For those trips where you are prohibitively away, keep your audience engaged so they don’t forget about you.
  • Continue to network wherever you go: I have discovered in life that you meet people at the oddest times in the oddest places. Whether you’re at a barbecue or sitting in an airplane terminal, take the opportunity to speak to the people around you. You usually end up with a great connection or someone you can refer or a client – or maybe even all three.
  • Try something new: With the slower season and people out on a regular basis, summer is a good time to try a new tool. I myself am looking into Empire Avenue, yours could be Pinterest, Google Plus, or one of the smaller apps like Path. With more time to spend trying new things, you could go into Fall with a new app for your daily work or even a client.
  • Spring/Summer clean: Along with the trying of the new also comes with the weeding of the old. What social media strategies do you need to consider? What do you need to reconsider? Summer is a great time for planning for the rush of Fall and into the holiday season which as you might have it are only three months away! I know, crazy right?

So while you sip on that cocktail by the beach – as you well should – don’t forget to keep your social media strategy and management in check. While the time does slow down (if just a little bit), it’s definitely not a time to completely unplug.

Albert Qian
Albert Qian is a social media professional working, living and playing in Silicon Valley. He got his start in social media by working for Santa Clara University and jumping into Facebook pages in May 2009. Ever since, he has been engrossed in social media, marketing, program management and consulting for small businesses, Fortune 500 companies and individuals looking to learn more social media. On his free time, he enjoys hiking, bowling, eating out at new places and traveling. You can learn more about him on his blog.
Albert Qian

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