How to Make Your Slideshare Spicy – Even If It’s Your First One.

presentation slideshareI’m having a love affair with Slideshare these days, and you should as well.

Slideshare is a phenomenal way to repurpose your content which can be used in newsletters, a blog post, presentations or even your strategy page. But content isn’t the only thing it has going for them – it’s the social distribution complement that makes it more powerful. The slideshares can be shared or embedded on websites. You get a whole lot of fresh exposure from people that may not be reading your blog or following you on social media.

Itching to start but stuck on where to begin? Slideshare has started offering themes (along with a template). Right now they’re asking you to join the conversation on #CultureCode.

Now that I’ve convinced you (I hope so) here are tips to spice up your slideshares for increased exposure!

Tips for Formatting a Spicy Slideshare

1) Neutral color palette with sassy CTA color

I’m a fan of dark backgrounds but you could mix it up. Use dark as for the title slides (where you make your main points), then a lighter background for supporting content. Make sure the link colors are visible. You don’t want to give the visitor a headache or lose their interest.

2) Don’t Get Wordy On Us

Please refrain from stuffing your slides with words. You know when a Slideshare is successful? When you find yourself flipping through 50 decks with no struggle, and you’re like whoa, I just read 50 slides? There are Slideshares out there with much more, and they work because they split up the content in interesting ways and take advantage of imagery. There’s something exhilarating about going clicky click through those decks. Promise. Take a stab at this one (P.S. I totally picked it partly because of the cover image….that’s next!)

3) Deliver an Outstanding Cover

Go to Slideshare’s featured, most liked or most popular pages and you’ll see one major theme: an attractive cover. When you have an abundance of decks to choose from, the cover will factor in the visitor’s decision. I believe using my brother’s mafia costume picture as the cover for my recent Slideshare for 360Connext has a role in its ongoing success:

(If you take a look at the slides, you’ll see other elements discussed in this post!)

4) Play with Canva

No experience with graphic design? Don’t have the time or patience to do things from scratch in Powerpoint? Canva is your new best friend. Even the Webbys declared “The easiest to use design program in the world.” They have a presentation template, so you can customize it using their icons, layouts, colors, text, backgrounds and more to your liking. When you’re happy with the design, you save it out then insert it in Powerpoint as a slide.  Some templates are pre made, so you won’t be getting any design headaches. Take a look at the Editor’s Picks on Canva’s homepage for inspiration. Also, here’s a sneak peek at one I’m working on for #CultureCode to see what IS possible:


5) Download New Font offers an insane selection of unique text. Just remember who your audience is, what you want your brand to convey and most importantly, it has to be easy to read. In other words, don’t go overboard with funky font like KG A Little Swag (but I’m finding a place for this font one day, it DOES have swag).

Now you’re armed with five tips.

You don’t want to miss the opportunity to repurpose your content and expand your reach! Jump in the #CultureCode conversation (and let me know if you do).

If you’ve got some experience and tips yourself, please add to the list!

photo credit: michael+yan via photopin cc

Anne Reuss

Anne Reuss

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Anne Reuss
Anne Reuss

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