My First 24…with #Glass

It seems like a dream, but alas it is my reality now. This past Friday I was given the honor, yes honor, of being fitted for my Google Glass. The months since being notified that I was accepted into the #ifihadglass group, has been one long Christmas eve for me. The time went by at a snails pace, each day had me looking to see if that coveted email had arrived informing that it was  my turn to be fitted. Here it is Sunday morning, a mere 36 hours later and I can’t remember that apprehensive feeling that so consumed me. My sights are set squarely on the future.


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The initial meeting/fitting

Just as I exited the elevator on the 8th floor of the Chelsea Market in NYC (Google headquarters) I knew I was in for something special. Everyone was wearing them, made me feel out of place, like a rodeo clown at a symphony. Where was MY Glass? Never before had I wanted so badly to be one of the “in” crowd. Before I knew it, Dwen (my apologies for spelling), my fitter and a wonderfully igniting young lady was before me offering me an extended hand, and a warm smile. Dwen handed me the box and it was a Lancelot removing the sword from the stone moment. Then they were on my face and with a simple tap on the right side of the frame….my life was dramatically changed.

3:02, ok glass

That is the first thing I saw on the screen. The screen that a glass user sees, is like looking at a big tv screen across the room. Setting Glass up is amazingly easy, it connects almost immediately with your entire Google account, just sign in and the connection process begins. Download the Glassapp to your smartphone, a quick visit to for personalized customization to your glass, and the journey begins. Utilizing simple finger movements, and voice commands controls the entire glass experience.

Learning to crawl

Gettysburg Gerry gets Glassed
Sporting Google Glass

Glass makes keeping your online world organized a snap. I am still a babe in the woods learning all that glass can do. At the moment I have my FB and Twitter accounts connected, although I am not sure how long I will keep the FB account connected. Seems kinda silly, of course all my Google accounts are connected. I have also added a CNN news update app. I can check my gmail account, respond to email, respond to tweets and posts on G+ and FB. Take and share pictures, and videos, add captions and share to the world or specific circles. What I am amazed at is Glass gives me the ability to participate fully on a hangout as well, you see everything that you would on your computer screen.

Beyond the technology

While the technology that Glass offers is clearly out front and center,  Glass has affected me in quite a different way as well. The internal spark that Glass has ignited in me is really interesting, an emotion that I did not expect, and find myself blindsided by. I find myself looking at life from a whole new perspective, in that if Glass is any indication of where technology is taking us, I want to be sure to be around as long as I can to experience what the future holds. Glass is truly a game changer in the social space, and I am anxious to see where I am in a month.

Stay tuned and be sure to contact me if you have any specific questions you would like me address, or any experiments that you may have in mind. 
Gerry Michaels
Gerry Michaels (Gettysburg Gerry) is Principal at Glasswork Media Arts, Radio host SteamFeed Radio on Blogtalkradio, VP Marketing Biz Dev at, Social Media Columnist for the Gettysburg Times, Social Media strategist and community builder and explorer. I am no different than you, no better/worse. I'm an astronaut exploring this social media space. Fully engulfed in the world that is Social Media, I awake every day anxiously anticipating what the days new technology will bring. Find me on Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Google Plus, Pinterest. Feel free to contact me with any questions.

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4 Comments on "My First 24…with #Glass"

1 year 8 months ago

WOW. I'm kinda jealous – have to admit that first! Beyond that, I need MORE info!

I'm very curious about how augmented reality will shape our world both personally and professionally.
You will definitely have to keep us posted. I have so many questions … I'll keep following your experience and reach out from time to time to bug you. :-)

Gettysburg Gerry
1 year 8 months ago

Brooke, thx for the jealousy….ha ha As I am getting more and more comfortable with them I am learning everyday more that they do. At this point it comes down to imagination, and application of the product. It is such a change in how I manage my online day that it takes some time to get used to. I will be writing regular articles so stay tuned. I am also planning on having some of my explorer buddies on the radio show.

1 year 8 months ago

Great post, Gerry. Keep sharing your experiences!!

1 year 8 months ago

Thanks Susan, stay tuned I am going to be writing regular articles