My Social Media Lessons of 2012

The time of the year has come. As we sift through our status updates, opt-in to apps that tell us how our year went (who are they to say that!), and strategize for the following year, it’s also time to take a look back and explore the lessons we learned in 2012. As a young social media professional learning the ropes and finding ways to improve among my peers here were some of the lessons I picked up this year:

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1. Don’t use Tumblr as your professional blog: Tumblr was hip in 2010 when I first started my website. In some ways it still kind of is but to expect the site to act like something functional is another story. After a few hiccups and outages in 2012 and some clients asking where my site had gone I was finally finished. Starting 2013 I will be using WordPress for my website and learning its ins and outs.

2. Social media people are cool online as they are offline: This year I got to meet a few people that I met online, offline. Debbie Miller (@TheBigDebowski) picked me up from the airport when a friend could not, I met Sherree Worrell (@sherree_w) over breakfast at Mel’s Diner in Sacramento with Julia Hull (@PerfectJulia), Neal Schaffer (@NealSchaffer) at a networking event in Orange County, as well as lunch with Holly McKie (@HollyHM2). I also got to take Aaron Biebert (@Biebert) around the San Francisco Bay Area as well! My goal is to meet more of these fantastic online connections offline for 2013 and turn online relationships into offline ones as well!

3. That as much as I know, there is much to learn: And there is a lot of it. Having met a few social media professionals this year I am impressed by their acumen and look up to everything they do. I am working towards what they do and just wish I had the energy as well, which is something I’ll work on for 2013.

4. And that I am blessed that there IS just that much: And with that much to learn the only way to go is up – way, way, up. I look forward to trying to pour through all the great content that will come out in 2013 on how to better one’s social media. Even at my day job in corporate everyone is still learning social media and new ways to engage are being thought of every single week. In short it’s going to be pretty amazing if you ask me.

What lessons have you picked up this year from your experience using and doing social media? I’d imagine that as I spend more time in this industry there will be more lessons. For now, I pick the brains of those around me, including you!


Albert Qian
Albert Qian is a social media professional working, living and playing in Silicon Valley. He got his start in social media by working for Santa Clara University and jumping into Facebook pages in May 2009. Ever since, he has been engrossed in social media, marketing, program management and consulting for small businesses, Fortune 500 companies and individuals looking to learn more social media. On his free time, he enjoys hiking, bowling, eating out at new places and traveling. You can learn more about him on his blog.
Albert Qian

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