Nestivity Presents TweetCast

Earlier this year I wrote about a Start-Up in San Francisco called Nestivity, a new Twitter Conversation Management tool. Lots of neat features and the ability to moderate conversation in the Twittisphere, long after they have disappeared in the stream. Their launch was successful and their growth has been exponential, but they certainly have not been sitting back and enjoying the ride. In fact, far from it. This summer, with less than a year under their belt, they introduced to the world TweetCast.

For those of us who are regular users of Twitter, we are all too familiar with Twitter Chats. Follow the hashtag and have an hour long conversation, about a specific subject, in 140 characters or less. The problem with chats, however, is not only managing them, but keeping them engaging enough that people walk away going “Wow! That was awesome!”. The idea of TweetCast was to maintain the engagement of the audience following the chat, by enhancing it with Rich Media.

Twitter Becomes Eye Catching

How often have you been the moderator of a chat, where you wished that you could share a video or a image to enhance your point or start a new question? How often have you been in a Google Hangout and tried to follow the other conversation that is happening in the Twitter stream, about the hangout, at the same time? Well TweetCast has managed to bring those rich media resources into a single space, so that the conversations are driven not only by the subject matter, but by the images and video being shared in front of the participants of the chat. The addition of the visual to the conversation is incredible.

NYU Engages Their Freshmen

NYU Screen Grab

Wandering through the booths of SXSW, Nick Jensen of New York University’s Office of Interactive Media¬†happened across the Nestivity booth where TweetCast was being demonstrated. Like a light bulb going on, the Social Media savvy Jensen immediately thought “we can use this!” They had done Twitter Chats and Google Hangouts, but it never seemed to be enough to really get their points across or engage with a wider audience. With 14 campuses in 6 different countries, the audience engagement issue is very important to being able to share information and harvest ideas from those who have gone through, or are about to go through, the experience of being an NYU Freshman.

Their first TweetCast was a great success, with a live panel in a Google Hangout, running right next to the chat stream in the Twitter frame. Panel members were answering questions coming in from the stream on both, and in real time. Feedback afterwards was an unprecedented 79% and it wasn’t long before word started getting around to the other departments, with emails and phone calls wanting to know more about this new way to engage the Social Media savvy student body.

National Aquarium’s Shark Week

SharkWeek Screen Grab

The National Aquarium in Baltimore, Maryland, is not new to Social Media, but they have only been really active with it since late 2011. They discovered that it was a great tool not only for marketing, but for education and their Social Media team is always looking for new platforms to get their message out. When they discovered Nestivity’s TweetCast, they were in the midst of preparing the grand opening of their new shark exhibit, which was to coincide with Discovery Channel’s Shark Week. With the assistance of Nestivity CEO Henry Min, the aquarium hosted an educational TweetCast about sharks and the new shark exhibit. “I was amazed at the response and the questions we got”, says Nabila Chami, the Social Media and PR Coordinator for the National Aquarium. “The fact that we were able to share images and video AND engage directly with our audience in real time, from all over the world, was invaluable”. The Aquarium team is currently exploring where and what to TweetCast about next and the new BlackTip Reef exhibit had a hugely successful launch.

Nestivity is continuing to enhance the TweetCast feature to expand it’s functionality with Rich Media (things like Webinar applications are on their radar), as well as enhancing their data analysis features (such as tracking sentiment). There is little doubt that Nestivity is staying ahead of the curve when it comes to the moderated conversation on Twitter.

Sean Smith
Sean is a retired member of the Canadian Army, with over 20 years in the IT industry, ranging from IT HelpDesk to Social Media consultant. He is a Professional Speaker and Coach and is a noted Social Media community builder on Vancouver Island, as well as a regular contributor to the annual Social Media Camp held in Victoria, BC. Sean is the Head Coach with That Social Media Guy consulting, based in Campbell River, British Columbia
Sean Smith

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