New Survey: People are Most Attached to These Social Media Brands

Discovering that Twitter didn’t even make the top five social media brands that people are most attached to was one of the most intriguing things from a new study released last week by UTA Brand Studio on which social media brands users are most attached and dependent on with Facebook coming out on the top. Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest and Reddit followed. According to the UTA Brand Studio:

Brand dependence measures how strong of a connection people have to a brand (brand- self connection) as well as how easy their thoughts and feelings about a brand come to mind (prominence).


Why should you care? For starters…

Are Your Social Media Efforts Relevant?

Knowing the top social media channels is nice. But it isn’t an one-size-fits-all strategy. There are gender and age differences to consider, too.

Youtube, Snapchat and Reddit were favored by the men while the women’s top triumvirate turned out to be Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

Looking at age alone, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest have captured the hearts under 25 and 25 – 44 age groups. (Instagram was #1 for under 25, but #2 for 25-44 Facebook beat them). Snapchat actually came in fourth for the age 25-44 category! I wouldn’t have made a wager on that one.


So who’s your target audience? Are you making it happen on these networks for them?

By the way, I wouldn’t neglect Twitter if you’re having second thoughts. An article by Fast Company shared the same study after talking with the UTA’s Chief Brand Officer Laurence Vincent, who said “people just don’t get Twitter” compared to other platforms, therefore it scored lower, which just means you need to find ways to make Twitter relevant and entertaining for your audience so they feel closer to you and your brand voice.

And do not ignore Vine, Reddit, Snapchat and Tumblr as options for your integrated strategy. They’re actually really rad – and obviously not going anywhere. Think out of the box!

Next, you’ll want to consider this:

brand voiceDoes Your Brand Voice Reinforce Your Followers’ Identity?

Values are one of the biggest drivers of social media.

Your hardcore fans are likely to share similar attitudes and values with your brand.

Think about the badges you put on your site. Or products you put on display through attire or share on social media? What about that brand makes you want to represent them?

For example, I’m a Life Time Fitness member. When I first joined, they didn’t just sign me up and say “Good Luck! Sayonora.” They were interested what my goal and values were and included training solutions, a free personal training session and healthscore assessment when I signed up to keep me engaged.

I also receive a newsletter every week about fitness and nutrition myths, recipes, training exercises to try and more. Though I believe the brand could do better with their social media voice, we share the same values so I feel naturally motivated to share their content on social and rave about them through word of mouth. Hell, like I am right now. I wouldn’t even be against some swag – and I’m not normally one to wear a logo unless I’m totally feeling the brand, ya know?

What you like to put out there – particularly on your social networks – is molding part of your identity whether we realize it or not. That’s what your customers are doing with the content brands share.

A Boston Consulting Group study about millennials changing consumer marketing reported more than half of U.S. Millennials say that they would share brand preferences with friends on social media.

Look at the most relevant social channels, where your target audience is at, then find creative ways to get your values and message across that they can share as part of their identity, too.

It could be an AMA session on reddit. Or creating far-out Instagram pictures and a campaign hashtag to encourage fans to participate (think Red Bull’s #givesyouwings pictures that give you an adreanline rush by just looking at them).  How often do you see your Instagram buddies showcasing things from brands (craft beer and fitness attire are all over mine, FTW) they’re attached to – even the techie ones!

Don’t just dwell at how many followers you have. They’re counting on you to give them something excited and proud to share.

Help your fans create their identity. Just be where they’re at.

photo credit: MACSwriter via photopin cc

Anne Reuss

Anne Reuss

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A fitness-fueled digital marketer who wants you to live and market your business with grit. Addicted to adrenaline, pull-ups and social media, she's also Deaf, which has only taught her to listen abnormally well. She is a craft beer-loving social marketing manager for 360Connext, a customer experience consulting firm, and a freelance marketing consultant.
Anne Reuss
Anne Reuss

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