New Year: Taking Social Media to the Next Level

The first week of the new year always has people setting commitments and making resolutions, many of them drop off before the first of Cupid’s arrows fly in February. I’m not a fan of a set list of resolutions, but I do like to go into the new year with a plan. A great big, loosey goosey open ended plan. This allows for things to grow and change as they need to.

Social Media New Year
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My plan for 2013: Take my social media connections to the next level.

This year’s plan started out, strangely enough, from creating the 12 Days of Social video. I found it was a whole new way of getting to know my co bloggers on a new level. Just the simplest of interactions, how they chose to set up their sections, the back channel conversations we all had about them and so on. I really got to know everyone a little better than I would having just done the basics.

Google Hangouts and phone calls give you that intimate ‘OK, now I know you” feeling with people you normally only “speak” to via the keyboard. No matter how many Tweets, Facebook private message conversations and chats you have with a person, that human interaction (even if it is across the airwaves) is special.

What are some ways you can put this relationship  2.0 into effect?

Video Shout Outs – While this is technically only a one way conversation, it’s a great way to celebrate the people in your community and encourage connecting in a new way. Who knows where a simple, real ‘hello’ will take you?

Google Hangouts – Gather a group of like minded people to have a chat weekly over on G+. You can have them live and On Air, or set them to private so only invitees are able to view. I’m actually *hoping* to try and get a SteamFeed round table on G+ (hint hint SMRebels!)

Phone Calls – It’s an old fashioned-ey thought in this age of digital. Just pick up a phone and go. I am normally not a phone talker, but when you dive into real conversations, it can be just awesome.

Coffee “Tawk” – Arrange with one person a week to meet for a cup of coffee and chat one on one. It doesn’t need to be a ‘new connections only’ situation, just go for that cup of Joe and catch up. Not a fan of scheduling? Next time you are out for your caffeine fix put out the word! Check in on Foursquare and open invite anyone to join you.

Obviously, there is no way you can get involved with every single person on every social site, but just start with those connections you are already nurturing. You know the ones, those first few people you think to tag in a “good morning”, or the ones you share things with when you see something you know they like.

How will you take your connections into the next level n 2013?

Carrie Keenan
Carrie Keenan is a Social Media Community Manager and blogger out of Appleton, WI. I work with both B2B and B2C clients, but I prefer to call them all P2P. I am actively involved in the Wisconsin Irish community as the social media chair for Oshkosh Irish Fest. I’m a proud geek and book nerd, lover of big words, rhyme & alliteration.

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