One Clever Way To Maximize Your Facebook Community Engagement

Maximize Your Facebook Community Engagement With A Simple Tab?

photo credit: marfis75 via photopin cc
photo credit: marfis75 via photopin cc

You can, according to Mike Gingerich, Co-Founder Of TabSite…

There is a plethora of posts that have been written and updated about how to maximize your Facebook community engagement with Facebook applications.  The applications are usually for:

  • Welcome Tabs
  • Resource Pages
  • Contests
  • Sweepstakes
  • Blog Syndication
  • Importing A Social Network

There are many choices and each application platform offers it’s own groovy signature feature.

Having so many choices is great, but for the typical small business owner and even some marketing managers, weeding through all the options and features can be overwhelming!

I had the privilege of talking with Mike Gingerich, Co-Founder of TabSite, known by early adopters for it’s user-friendly, quality presentation with a sub-page format.  Mike was quite gracious to review with me the evolution of TabSite and a bit of what we can expect in the future.

TabSite – Facebook Community Engagement Tool

TabSite began in March, 2010 as a “What You See Is What You Get” (WYSIWYG) tool for people to re-create something on their website or another social platform and import into Facebook.  An example would be a Twitter or RSS feed.  Though I remember creating a few Welcome Tabs that allowed for a great deal of creativity easily.

In 2012, it was all about how can they could help increase Facebook Page reach and create leads for TabSite application users.

As Facebook went through changes quickly, so did TabSite.  A noted evolution was moving from the 520 pixel Facebook tab width to the current 810 Facebook tab width dimensions.

Some TabSite Q & A

Keri: What’s the “differentiator” for TabSite?

Mike: Efficiency and the “Website ReSizer.”  The ReSizer allows whatever you import to naturally fit into the tab with a really nice presentation.  So, you can edit your website or blog and your TabSite tab will automatically be updated.

Keri: So, I can just go into my website edit panel, tweak whatever it is I want to change, and it will reflect on my tab just like that…?

Mike: Yes.

{O-M-G!}  :)

Keri: What’s next for TabSite?

Mike: Version 3.  We will re-build so it is leaner and faster.  Users will also be able to take TabSite where it will work best for them.  [Blog or Facebook].  You will be able to embed into a website.  This will maximize Facebook community engagement.  Also enriched analytics.  And using tools and opportunities.

More On Facebook Community Engagement With Tabsite

New options will be appealing for companies with franchises.  If you’re working on marketing for a business brand with many locations regionally, nationally, or globally – Listen up!

TabSite will offer the ability to edit information only once on a website, and the import will be useable for many designated locations.  Or all – The choice is yours.

So, to be clear: You won’t have to go in and edit every Facebook Tab for every location.  With TabSite you will edit ONCE, and assign where the details go.

Cool, huh!?


Contests and Promotions are powerful ways to build lists and ignite online community engagement.  Using Facebook for community engagement, many organizations choose sweepstakes.

I found the concept of TabSite’s “Sweepstakes Plus” quite compelling.  It provides more powerful viral sharing (person to person), thus reaching people in the newsfeed, where they spend most of their Facebook time.  This is especially important as the New Facebook News Feed may not give as much exposure to Facebook pages without ads or promotion.

Most Noteworthy

Did you know that about 60% of Facebook users access the social network via their mobile device?  That is a big percentage!

That means not all Facebook Tabs are created equal…  As of this posting, many platforms do not offer mobile responsiveness, which means that the tabs would not be accessible to mobile users.

THE GOOD NEWS: TabSite offers a “Smart URL” so all users can reach TabSite tab content to view and participate – Whether they are on their mobile or desktop.

Ready for more?

Hold on to your hat, because TabSite also offers the opportunity to utilize Google Analytics.  This means your business can measure the ROI of your Facebook community engagement campaign!

TabSite Google Analytics Example


Just simply input your Google Analytics UA number, and track activity on the tab and compare that data with your converted sales or intended actions.

Go ahead… {O-M-G!}

TabSite-ing For Facebook Community Engagement

Remember, it’s all about engaging your community, and creating unique ways for fans to react positively to specific content.

  • From the user perspective, the goal is to have fun.
  • From the business perspective, the goal is to boost revenue or specific actions.

TabSite offers convenient packages that include:

  • Engagement Apps
  • Widgets
  • Platform Management Tools

The number of each depend on your chosen package level.

Using Facebook for community engagement, you might choose one of these engagement apps:

  • Gallery
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • YouTube
  • Email Sign-up
  • Coupon
  • Group Deal
  • Social Reviews
  • Instagram Contest

Click here to see the full list.  The options are many.  The list of Widgets available is also extensive!

Platform Tool Examples:

  • Drag N Build Easy Page Creator
  • 2-stage Contests
  • Like-Gate
  • Sweepstakes Winner Generator
  • Custom Tab Icon
  • Save As Template

Again, the choices are plentiful, and would appeal to both beginner and savvy, experienced Facebook Page Admins.

Lets Go TabSite-ing

I use the Platinum Package for my TabSite-ing adventures.  It was time to refresh my Facebook Welcome Tab, and I had wanted to create a Resources Tab for my Facebook Fans, so this was the perfect excuse!

TabSite Facebook Tab TemplateI chose this template for my Welcome Tab:


Honestly, I loved the idea of a “photo show” at the top of the tab.  But I was nervous about how it would appear and if it would work well on the tab, based on previous experience with templates and various platforms.

Yahooooo!  I had a few trusted friends take a peek at my new Welcome Tab, and they were…….WOWWED!!  The presentation is terrific, and the TabSite tab functions beautifully!

See my TabSite Welcome Tab (mobile URL)

Here is the really cool part of set -up and delivery:

{Insert TabSite Promotion Tools Example – ALIGN CENTER – Credit: TabSite}

TabSite makes all of the necessary details super easy for you to share your new Facebook Tab and plan future posts for your Facebook marketing campaign.

What this means for Facebook Page Admins: You’re more free to concentrate on Facebook community engagement and building your brand’s relationships.  That equals ROI!

Using Website ReSizer

I already have a pretty inclusive Resources page on my website.  Our goal is to work smarter, not harder, right?

TabSite’s WebSite Resizer was a great option for me to import content to my Facebook Page:


Resources Tab at Idea Girl Media Facebook Page
Resources Tab at Idea Girl Media Facebook Page


Above is just a partial view, yet you might notice the import is a slick and accurate presentation.  Feel free compare full-page views:

It is just……..clever!

The features and presentation are so slick and savvy, my next move is to try a contest or sweepstakes.

TabSite viral share example via personal Facebook profile
TabSite viral share example via personal Facebook profile

Actionable Advice For Facebook Community Engagement Using TabSite

TabSite’s Website ReSizer option offers a smart, easy way to make your important content available to your Facebook community in an attractive way.  Further, it is a time-saver, and the mobile “smart URL” gives Facebook Page Admins a big advantage over their competition.

Once the tab is installed, the key is to bring awareness to it as a regular part of your Facebook Page posts calendar.  This goes for any tab that you install on your Facebook Page.

The TabSite templates are lovely and well-designed.  Keep it easy, or go Picasso!  There are about 30 templates to choose from.  Or, venture to create your own from a blank canvas.

The viral friend-to-friend share is important for any contest or sweepstakes…

Not knowing for sure what will happen with the New Facebook News Feed, Facebook Page Admins need to be aware of how they can gain credible, view-worthy space in the Facebook newsfeed.  Experimenting with TabSite, I found their social share messaging user-friendly with appropriate, un-offensive calls to action.  An example is shown here.

I can only imagine the contest or sweepstakes share messaging would be similar and encouraging, and would maximize Facebook community engagement.  Further, I can see how a promotion held via TabSite would increase fans and followers.

TabSite’s goal is to re-design to be leaner and faster.  I found the load times for my tabs to be pretty quick already, so their work here will be a wonderful bonus.

Your Turn At TabSite-ing

There are indeed features not discussed here.  This post is meant to be an exploration that focuses on important factors for business brands and busy Facebook Page Admins.

What are your challenges regarding Facebook Community Engagement?

Did we touch on some solutions that might help?

What TabSite feature was most appealing to you?

Please share your thoughts and questions in comments below…  :)

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