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Take Control Of Your Inbox With Mail Pilot [Product Review]

If you are anything like me, filtering through emails to find the most important ones and going back and reading the not-so important ones later is a real chore. It can be an endless struggle. I have setup different business and personal emails to help, but then I … [Read More...]


5 Online Best Practices Every Business Should Follow

We live in a noisy online world.From social media to the blogosphere, consumers know they have the power to choose when, how, and why they connect with businesses online.Just as the effectiveness of telephone and door-to-door sales faded over time, so has … [Read More...]

5 Solid Reasons

5 Solid Reasons You Should Write For A Multi-Author Site

If you want to grow your brand, your readership, and influence, then you need to get your content in front of as many new eyeballs as possible. One of the best ways to do this is by joining a multi-author site. Joining a multi-author site has many benefits to it. … [Read More...]

Public Relations

Public Relations Ideas for Small Business

In last year’s A Quick Reference Guide to Integrated Marketing, I highlighted a few ideas on how to infuse Public Relations activities into a broader Integrated Marketing Communications plan. Here I’d like to drill a bit deeper to emphasize the importance of … [Read More...]


4 Actionable Tips to Better Find Backlink Prospects

Targeted link prospecting is finding linking sites that are relevant and useful to your website’s landing page or content. Those linking sites or link targets can possibly bring you referred visitors and potential customers that you can engage with.In this … [Read More...]

humanize brand

Show Me Your Human Side (In Business)

You hear people and marketers talking about it ... the "human side" of business ... humanizing your business ... it's not B2B or B2C, it's H2H (human to human).But what exactly does it mean to be human in business? How does a business become human? The Human … [Read More...]


20 Email Marketing Mistakes that Are Costing You Sales

Here’s a sobering thought.You sit down to write an email newsletter or email blast.  You labor over each word making sure it’s just right.You make sure the pictures look pretty and the layout is just perfect and finally schedule the email to go out first … [Read More...]


SMPLE: A Simple Way For Small Businesses To Excel In Online Marketing

SMPLE is a new online marketing platform that aims to help small businesses simplify their social media marketing strategy. By connecting all or some of your social accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yelp, FourSquare, website, and LinkedIn) into one platform, … [Read More...]


How To Create A Social Response Plan

It’s been all the buzz at the beginning of this week. The pornographic tweet. The apology. And, then the Washington Post headline that US Airways was not firing the person who sent the tweet.And, while this moment is so yesterday’s news, there will be another … [Read More...]

blogging police

How To Put the Fun Back Into Blogging

Have you ever woke up in the morning with the pervading feeling of dread. Do you make your morning coffee and find that not even that can put a spring in your step? Is it too painful to fire up your computer because you have a blog post to write and you just don't … [Read More...]

Keri Jaehnig of Idea Girl Media provides for SteamFeed a description of what business owners can expect with the new Twitter Layout in 2014

New Twitter Layout 2014: Welcome To Twacebook

So, what should you know about the new Twitter layout? I know...If you're not on Twitter, you're thinking, "I'm not on Twitter, why should I care?"If you're on Twitter, you might be thinking, "Oh, brother...Twitter too?"Google+ made some semi-recent … [Read More...]


Foolproof Formula to Incredibly Catchy Blog Titles

Foolproof Formula to Incredibly Catchy Blog TitlesWith close to three million blog posts published each day, getting content in front of the right reader is a challenge. The key is a juicy, eye-popping blog post title that compels the reader to pay … [Read More...]


How to Bootstrap Your Brand Name in 5 Steps

Over the years, I've met too many entrepreneurs who spent unnecessary cash on crappy company and product names. They hired ‘branding gurus’ who didn't understand their target market, the tech industry, the company vibe — or worse, they really didn't … [Read More...]


25 Ways to Make a Statement with Your Facebook Cover Photo

Your Facebook cover photo is the first thing people see when they come to your Facebook Page. So what are you doing to make a statement with that valuable real estate? To give you some inspiration, we rounded up 25 examples any brand could use on their Facebook … [Read More...]


Google+ Ripples – One Google+ Feature To Help You Build A Strong Community

If you’re on Google+ and you’re not using one of its best features Ripples yet then you’re missing out on a fantastic way to build your community, create leads, and generate traffic.Over the past couple of years I’ve heard on several occasions people tell me … [Read More...]


The 3 Major Content Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Content marketing has caught on with brands and marketers, but many content marketing strategies are doing it all wrong. Obvious mistakes include not focusing on search engine optimization, or *gasp*, drunk tweeting, but there are several not-so-obvious mistakes … [Read More...]


Transparency vs. Terrorism In Media

The March morning after the Harlem/New York City residential complex exploded, there was an image of the chaos in the Wall Street Journal, raising immediate questions about terrorism which turned out to be false. Just below that front-page photo and caption was a … [Read More...]

5 Productivity Mistakes

5 Productivity Mistakes You Don’t Know You’re Making

Let’s face it, as small business owners the demands on our time increase with every platform released, every “top ten” list announced, every review that is written and every customer that needs our expertise. Our to do lists are growing at record pace and no … [Read More...]

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7 Ways to Increase eCommerce Conversions and Customer Happiness

If you’re a marketer or the owner of an eCommerce website, you may struggle with site optimization. It can feel like an … [Read More...]


Without PR Your Marketing Team Will Fail

Take a look at your marketing team. Is PR on it?If yes, read no further. If no, there's work to be done.A public … [Read More...]


The connection between blogging and Kindle

If you've been blogging for sometime the chances are you have a whole heap of content sitting on your site doing nothing. In … [Read More...]

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Social Media

social crm

Social Media Tips For Small Business Owners

We asked some of the SteamFeed authors to answer the following question: If you could give one or two pieces of advice to a … [Read More...]

blog outreach

Bad Outreach Examples – How Not to Secure a Guest Blogging Spot

If there’s one part of content marketing that really makes my workmates and I cringe, it’s that awkward moment when one of us … [Read More...]


5 Tips to Breathe New Life into Old Blog Content

5 Tips to Breathe New Life into Old Blog Content Do you need to create more blog content? Content that your target … [Read More...]

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